Friday, January 4, 2008

Frugal Living

Confused by all those couponing abbreviations?
Click here for a guide.

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Frugality, Money Saving Links, Couponing & More!

* All You Daily Savings
* Being Frugal is Fabulous!
* Cheapsk8Mom
* Combine ALL Your Loyalty Tags into ONE Tag!
* Common Sense with Money
* Coupon Cravings
* Coupon Mom System!
* Couponing, Freebies & More at MNTK
* Coupononomy
* Cut Your Household Budget with Becentsable
* Do More - Spend Less with The New Frugal Mom
* Frugal Coupon Mom
* Frugal Freebies & Deals
* Frugal Freelancer Freebies & Cheapies
* Rubbing Nickles
* Shortcuts to Coupons
* Southern Deals & Frugal Steals

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