Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not Just a Southern Woman's Magazine

I have long been a fan of Southern Living magazine, mostly because, well, I am a Southerner. I admit that I have been a lax subscriber though, because frankly the magazine is expensive and was often kinda boring. So I would subscribe, let it expire for awhile, start to miss it, buy a few newsstand issues here and there, decide to subscribe again, let it expire, start to miss it, and on and on and on. I know. Not very loyal. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the new March 2008 issue to find a completely revamped magazine. It's larger in size than it used to be. Has much nicer aesthetic appeal with the layouts and fonts. It's just downright prettier. And, in fact it simply projects a much more modern and updated feel to it than it ever did. Kinda like the progression of the South itself. Why, I was actually excited when it came in the mail! In fact, there are already about 15 pages dog-earred, and I only just received the magazine to begin with yesterday! There are at least a dozen recipes that I want to try to convert to low carb, plants I want to find, events I am interested in attending and I immediately wanted to start planning a trip to the Mississippi Delta because of their special travel feature on it! (Yes, while I live in the Deep South, and I have been to the Delta before, this article makes you want to drop everything and drive up for the weekend!) Well, if you have looked at Southern Living magazine before and found it a bit dull, give it another lookyloo. You just might find another reason to love the South! And doesn't this cover just scream of Spring? Something I know everyone is dying to see show up soon, yes, even us snow-starved Southerners. Ain't it just pretty ya'll?

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