Friday, October 31, 2008

Breaking for Politics

We interrupt the regular food talk and blabbering over life issues to publicly express our political opinions until election day. Examine your heart and vote the TRUE Christian ticket - McCain/Palin on Tuesday!

Father God, we cry out for you, who is rich in mercy and mighty to deliver His people from the oppression that has occurred in this presidential election. We pray together with the psalmist and with all of your people that the designs of the wicked be thwarted by your mighty hand. Father we ask that you rip the veil down and lift the blinders away from your people's eyes before they vote, so that they will see the Truth and know that they have been deceived.

Father break this hypnotic trance that has taken over your people and give us each the ability to discern and see the Truth clearly through the fog of the deceit. Father we ask that you accept our sincere and widespread repentance for failing you and falling away from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lord we ask that you allow only godly men and women be elected to lead this nation on November 4th, 2008, and that they would gather hold of your strength to fight against evil and false prophets, leading our nation back to you, to your truth and to your righteousness.

Lord we lift up our nation to your hands in full humility and repentance for our sins of idolatry. Father we cannot know what your will is for November 4, 2008, but we ask Lord that you grant mercy on those of us who stand strong with you and with the tenets of your Word. Deliver us Lord from suffering at the hand of false prophets and this evil deceit that has taken captive so many and help us to defeat it. We have been a foolish people Father, led by our flesh and our earthly desires, not fully understanding what we have done or why. That is why Lord, we beg of you for your protection, your redemption and your forgiveness, asking these things in the mighty name and blood of Christ Jesus.


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