Sunday, November 9, 2008

God's Ways Are Not Our Ways

"My thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways."

Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)

I have discovered that God often seems unreasonable. What He chooses to do does not always make sense to us. It does not always fit into our balance of reason. We have a tendency to want things to make sense, but God wants us to learn to be led by our trust and not by our understanding. We should thank God that His ways are not our ways. My life would have turned out badly if God had given me my way in many situations. It is wise for us to pray, "Your will be done, Lord, not mine."

I often tell the Lord what I would like to have, but follow it up with "However, if You know it is not right for me, please don't give it to me." His thoughts are above our thoughts. He sees the end from the beginning. All His ways are right and sure. In the natural, we can think something makes sense, but it may not be what God wants at all.

Excerpted from Joyce Meyer's
New Day, New You - 366 Devotions for Enjoying Everyday Life

I have been so perplexed about the results of this election because I just do not understand how God would allow a man like Obama to become the leader of our country. It just does not make sense!

It is not that I think Obama is an evil man. Maybe more misguided than anything. But I truly think that under the surface of what appears to be this quiet, stoic, and controlled temperament, is the true character of a man we have yet to see. As soon as Obama came out of nowhere to skyrocket into a rock star, I instantaneously felt in my gut a level of distrust that this man has a hidden agenda.

I know there are some who believe that God does not belong in our country or government. That He is someone or something that we should only keep in a Sunday morning box. Those who do think this way have forgotten that we began as a Christian nation, our nation's roots are and always have been Christian, and we have been a blessed nation because of that. Yes, we are diverse and tolerant of other's beliefs and spiritual issues, but that does not mean that their ideals override those of our country's, only that they can live here and feel free to express themselves without intimidation or fear of persecution. It does not change the fact that we are a Christian nation, first and foremost.

These same people also do not understand the differences between religion and relationship, because frankly, while I will never be a perfect Christian, far from it in fact, still, God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are an inherent part of my life day to day, minute to minute. He is my Abba Father - my Papa - better than any earthly father could be or has been.

As we as a nation fall further and further away from God, we are really only beginning to suffer the consequences of our actions. Our country is in a major crisis - a crisis that is, if you truly examine it, greed centered, as our morals increasingly erode because of the absence of God in our everyday decisions, in the treatment of others, in our basic makeup of who and what we really are. It will get worse before it gets better. Perhaps this election was a calling from God upon all Christians to draw back to core beliefs, repent and unite together once again to bring us back to where we started. There were a lot of "Christians" who voted for Obama even though his principles do not align with Christianity. With this election, many of us got complacent, gave up hope, or just simply got drawn in to the illusion. These things will make us reach for earthly salvation, but we must get back to God.

And there are many who seem to have been blinded that yes, while Obama claims to be a Christian, he does not support many of the basic tenets of the Bible. If you look back at interviews he has given you will hear that his core beliefs are more new age thinking than based on Christianity.

And yes, despite the play-down by media - many of who do not even believe in God - a media who instantly fell in love with Obama and helped to elevate him to this messiah image with the people because they failed to give a balanced view of the man, yes he does have numerous radical associations, beliefs and thinking from his not so distant past. Much of it quite disturbing when you understand that these principles and this thinking is what has guided him as a young man and an adult and will continue to guide him as our leader.

And yes, I get that people are mesmerized and enthralled with him. He is charismatic, handsome, and he can give an eloquent speech that sort of soaks into your soul. But I see that glazed over look in everyone’s eyes when they listen to him. I see that the people view him as some miraculous agent of hope and change. Yes, I do see that. But frankly, these are the very things that disturb me the most. Shouldn't we be seeking this from our Lord, not from a man?

Above all of this however, and even though his supporters have elevated him to a god-like idol, Obama is an ordinary man. Maybe he will accomplish some good things for our country, maybe he will bring about change to the many crises we are in now. Maybe he will look upon us all as one people, all Americans, regardless of our color and not try to elevate one of us over the other. I don’t know. But he is our president. If God did not put him in that position, if it was indeed man’s free will imposed upon God’s plan, then God knew we would do this, and it is all part of His bigger plan.

I don’t know why this happened the way it has. I don't understand it. It does not make sense. But it also does not matter because God sees the end. And we can only see the beginning. We must put our trust in Him.

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."

Proverbs 1:7; 9:10 (NKJV)

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