Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our New President Elect Barack Obama

While Barack Obama was not my candidate - for many, many reasons, none of which were the color of his skin - he still has much to prove to me and to at least 56 million other Americans (46% of the voters at last count) who did not vote for him. He owes me many answers about his moral fabric, his liberal background, his faith and his true beliefs, and the basis of the multitude of radical associations he has had in his life ... basically I need to know who he really is, before he will even begin to earn my trust.

But yet, I am an American and he is our president elect, soon to be our 44th president, and our first black president, and I do have to say that I am proud to see us as a nation finally cross this historical race threshold. I do not think that it was Barack Obama's time however, but that it was man's will imposed outside of God's timing that has made it so. Yet, never again should race be able to enter the picture in a presidential election. It is done. Even though my view is that this man was not the right one, we have finally elected our first African American president. He is not the African American candidate that I would have chosen, but I am glad that I was privileged to see this happen in my lifetime.

Obama was not effectively judged by his record, or his accomplishments, or his background, or his faith, but instead he was elevated by people who saw the possibility of putting the first black man in the White House. 95% of black voters who voted, voted for Obama. Even if nobody wants to say it out loud, it is clear that it was race that drove that. He was elected on a platform of hope and change. 90% of the voters seeking change, voted for Obama. Many of them threw their conservative values under the bus to do so. Helping his campaign to succeed was an unpopular Republican president, a war gone on far too long, and a tired population due to economic downturns, Wall Street greed, the housing and the credit crisis, and a desire not to select the best candidate for the job, but instead, to make history ... these were the things that defeated my candidate.

Yes, Obama has won a political victory, but now as our president, he must perform on his promises.

Many of those who put him in office will soon be holding out their hands seeking much from him. He will have no choice but to seek much from those who did not support him, in order to fill those hands. He so much as told us so last night when he said he would need our help - help from those who did not choose him as our president.

And finally, yes ... let the liberal media and mainstream press truly examine this man for the first time ever. I hope they will, because I know that God will. Barack Obama has spent his entire career campaigning for the next thing, and not really accomplishing much of anything in that office which he has achieved. This is no longer a fancy high dollar campaign bought with money and full of eloquent speeches and rock star celebrity, but it is now a great responsibility that this man must now bear, much greater I think than even he understands.


  1. Mary I have just found this post and I have to say, I have never read a truer post. It is perfect and my feeling to the letter. Your words are so true and in away a sad commentery on our world today.So sad that people just wanted to be part of a historical election that they were willing to choose the wrong person. 100 days into his Presidency and he still hasn't taken time to stay in the White House and do his job.
    I do not believe he was God's choice for the job.


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