Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pop Chips - 5 Stars

Unpaid product endorsement

Today for lunch I just had a simple sandwich - whole wheat bread, reduced fat mayo, turkey breast, tomato and lettuce - but on the side I had my new favorite chip - Popchips. I first heard of these from the Hungry Girl Cookbook a pretty neat cookbook if you're eating lower fat these days, but we don't have the Pop Chips available anywhere locally, at least not that I have found yet anyway, so I actually have to order them from Amazon foods online. I have been buying the one ounce single serving sized variety 36-pack, which works out to be about 85 cents a bag, and the single serving size keeps me from overeating them, so worth it to me since I tend to have portion control issues.

Anyway, the case comes with Barbeque, which is my hubby's fav, Salt & Pepper, Parmesan & Garlic, Sea Salt & Vinegar and plain Original, all of which are fantastic! I'm not a big chip eater, but when eating lower fat, well ... baked chips leave much to be desired if ya ask me. These are different. They aren't fried. They aren't baked. They are popped! So they are healthier than the standard chips, yet unlike the dry, flavorless baked chips that are out these days, Pop Chips are loaded with flavor and crunch, and are nice and salty ... but don't make me puff up with water retention like salty foods tends to do to me. A very good alternative and really delicious - you should give Popchips a try sometime. Oh and they come in a corn chip variety pack too, though I haven't tried those yet.

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