Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Snow in South Mississippi!!

Everyone is so excited down south today and I have seen some big old smiles. Most times Christmas is barely cold down here, so to see even a little bit of snow tends to put us in the Christmas spirit even more. Sadly, not a single flake has fallen at our house, but I suppose I can live vicariously through others today.

Photos: stage13 @



  1. Okay....umm stupid question here but..are those snowmen made out of snow or something else? Living in Bama, we don't actually get snow like that and that upside down one looked like maybe he wasn't made of snow and I'd LOVE to be able to craft one up so....
    Had to ask!!!
    Christy :)

  2. Hi Christy. Those aren't my snowmen, they are photos submitted to our local tv station after this recent snowstorm that hit Mississippi. I live right along the coastline so we didn't have any at our house - most of those photos were from the Poplarville, Tylertown, Hattiesburg and just south of Jackson where they received several inches - a bit north of me. There were quite a few snowmen pictures posted so I can only assume they all were real, but to be honest, I can't personally attest to whether these are or not! I think they're pretty cute though.


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