Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Rare Occurrence in South Mississippi

Well all that lovely spring-like weather that we've been experiencing here this winter has gone the wayside whilst some cold temperatures move on in for the next few days. The mercury has plummeted dramatically down 30 degrees since yesterday! I know for some of you temperatures in the 40s is not really that cold, but remember we are in the deep south and are a bit more accustomed to tropical weather down here. It's expected to get down in the high 20s tonight and possibly in the teens in the coming days - so our weatherman says. That's darned cold for us southerners! The worse part of such a dramatic shift of course, is that over the next few days, I expect everybody will be gettin' sick.  Happens every time there are big temporary shifts in the temperature, because I guarantee you, it will be back in the 70s before long.  Ugh.

Anyway, even though my Peri-Menopausal Temperature Regulator does a pretty good job keepin' me plenty warm most of the time (and mostly that is unwelcomed heat), today I've been runnin' a little on the cold side.  Rather than run the central heat in the house though, I got a hankerin' to build me a fire instead.  Course hubs wasn't home when I got this idea, so out I traipsed to the wood pile before the sun set, dug down through the center of it (hoping not to run across any creatures hiding out in there) to find the best wood, and drug a whole wheelbarrow full of it to the back door. 

Now, I really hate artificial sources of heat when it's cold - I love a wood fire the most; second to that would be a gas fire, but I really hate central electric heat, which is our primary source of home heating down here in the south, so it has to get pretty cold in here before I'll turn the heat on (course just yesterday, the air conditioner was on!). And, there aren't many occasions in South Mississippi that we get to experience the warmth of a wood burning fire (never mind that I am actually allergic to smoke...), so it truly is a rare occurrence for us.  

Well, I'm gonna take it and so I thought I would share a picture of my cozy fire with ya'll. It feels so warm on my bare feet, and my male cat who totally loves a fire, and who was at the fireplace as soon as I started putting the kindling down (he is no dummy), is now all curled up at my feet in front of it and as comfy and content as can possibly be.

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on my oven roasted hen (including a tutorial on how to truss one), herb dressing and southern style green beans. I just have to get it all typed up.  

In the meantime, stay warm everybody!

[Fire photo:  Canon Rebel XTi 50 mm, f/2.8 for 1/20 sec.]



  1. I'm enjoying your blog. Since I'm also from south Mississippi it caught my eye on another blog I was reading. I'm with you on the weather. Hot one day, cold the it is in the south.

  2. Hi! I know it's crazy isn't it?? Well, it's gonna be pretty chilly for a few days so I'm planning to enjoy my fireplace while it lasts.

    So glad to see another south Mississippian!!

    Thanks for stopping by and posting a hello. I started this as a diet blog, then a place to put my recipes and I'm just havin' fun with it. It's nice to know when other folks are enjoying it too. Thanks again and please do come back and visit anytime.


  3. Well I think down in the 20's is cold no matter where you are. I don't blame you for buildin' a fire, I had mine rip roarin' all day too. It snowed around us yesterday but we never got any. I do hope we get some snow. You know the kind that provides big fluffy flakes comin' down and it adds up to 6" or so and is gone the next day! Your cat looks cute, typical puss. They suck up to any heat source don't they.

  4. Mine sure does - I think he's a bit cold natured though. As soon as he sees me looking like I'm starting a fire he sits right by that fireplace, waits for me to get it going and does not budge!

    I was so aggravated when we missed the snow last time. It stopped just west of us!! I mean it just fizzled out and that was it. But several areas of south Mississippi got some of it before that happened. I can't remember the last time it snowed. I would love to see some like you said - 6 inches of pretty, fluffy stuff. Course I don't have to go anywhere in it either LOL!


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