Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life of the Next Rescue or ... Got Names?

Hi everybody! I just joined the family and I need a name!

I eat well but of course, I really want some of my mommy's good old southern home cookin', and I always try to let her know just as soon as she starts gettin' busy in the kitchen, 'cept she only lets me have that Puppy Chow and Little Champions and an occasional Scooby chew treat, darn it!

I don't really like to sit still much so my daddy helped me pose for this picture!

Sometimes during my free time in the kitchen, I would much rather be roaming the house instead of gated in the kitchen with my toys, but mommy says I have to get potty trained before I can roam around and I'm kinda young, so that might take me awhile yet.


Can you believe that somebody abandoned this sweet baby in a cardboard box and left him in the parking lot of WalMart?

Someone had just been selling puppies there the day before and we are thinking either he was the only one left or else somebody bought one and got in trouble and had to return it, so they left it there hoping the folks would be back the next day, or that somebody would take him home. A friend of my husband found the box and knowing that one of our dogs had just recently died, offered him to us.

Actually they wanted to keep him, but for some reason they couldn't. Several other people wanted him too if we didn't want him, but Hubs managed to talk me into it - despite my protests which were based solely on the fact that I knew that I would be the one having to put in all of the puppy training work and nights cut short on sleep due to little puppy bladders (and I was right).

We took him straight to the vet when we got him on Monday and she estimated him to be about 6 weeks old which when she counted back made him born on Christmas Day! I know it's just an estimate, but I thought that was kinda special, so we claimed that as his birthday! He appears to be a small mixed breed ... the vet said it's really too early to tell what mixes just yet but I'm thinking there's some Pomeranian ... course I really have no idea. Can you believe someone at the vet's office asked Hubs if the pup was for sale?? He seems to be popular already!

All I know is that since he came to live with us on Monday I have barely slept, I'm stiff and sore from all the stooping and bending and getting up and down off the floor with him. I have to say that he's doing great with his crate overall but the housebreaking may take a bit of time. He's got the general idea but has had a couple of accidents in his free time in the kitchen. It's been a bit rough on me this week, a lot like having a newborn in the house, and believe me, it's been a long time since I've had a newborn of any variety at the house!

The people who found him in the parking lot did keep him over that first weekend - guess they were trying to decide whether or not they wanted to keep him before giving him to us. They were calling him Bear and even though he looks a bit like a bear right now, Hubs and I aren't sure if that name will suit him as he gets older, so we've been stickin' with Little Man and Boo Boo and other generic, neutral stuff like that for now! I'm open for any ideas since nothing has struck me just yet.

Anyway, just wanted to share my little valentine with y'all... so cross your fingers and say a little prayer that I make it through the "training" cycle and manage to retain my sanity through the process!!


  1. Oh my goodness!! People who do are right up there with murderers and rapist in my opinion. I'm a dog LOVER, and I can't STAND anyone who would ever just abandon a dog in a parking lot. Who would abandon them period! Just help them find a home a least, is that too much to ask?! ARG!!
    sorry, vent over. He is gorgeous though! You should name him Titan. lol, it'll be great, since he'll probably stay small! I'm glad he got a good home though, I would love a valentine's gift like that! :)

  2. I know Krystal! I'm an animal lover too - I don't think there has ever been a time where I didn't have a pet (or 2 or 3 or 4 LOL). I can't imagine what this poor boy went through if he was there overnight and I think that was one of the really cold nights we had too. Thank goodness he got a good report from the vet though. And based on all of the people who have wanted this guy since he was found, I can't imagine with a little effort whoever left him in the parking lot wouldn't have been able to find a home for him pretty quick but for some reason they chose WalMart parking lot. He is super sweet and has such a gentle personality and really all things considered, he is doing really great with his training for being so young. God seems to keep sending us these animals - every one of our current pets are rescues of some sort!

  3. Hey Mary! He looks a little "Rusty" to me...LOL. What a great valentine's gift. So sad that someone left him, but all the better because he has the best home now.

  4. Okay Titan and Rusty - I like both of those! Keep 'em comin' y'all!

  5. I think I would go with Nicholas as in in Saint Nick being that he was born on Christmas. Nicky would be cute for short!

  6. OMG!!! He is precious. Call him Nicky. He is soooo cute. I'm fallin' in love with him just lookin' at his picture, so I can just imagine what you are feelin' for him. Puppies are a challenge though. But he sure got lucky to have found new parents with you. He does look like he's got some pom in him. Oh Mary, he is just a doll. I can't wait to see more of him. We had a little pom-yorkie mix one time who had been born at Christmas time and his name was Nick. Whatever name you choose he is gonna make a special place in your hearts.

  7. What a sweet little "Puddin'"
    What did you decide to call him?

  8. We considered several of these names but Boo or BooBoo Bear has kinda stuck for some reason! He responded to that right away so we seem to have settled there.


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