Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angel Food Ministries - April Boxes

So, I picked up my Angel Food Ministries Boxes this morning. I didn't buy much this month, just the Basic Signature Box and two of the specials - hamburger steaks and IQF chicken (those cardboard boxes you see up there), so it's not very exciting. My freezer was pretty full already and now it's really full, and hurricane season is right around the corner. Though we do have a generator, I still don't like having a fully loaded freezer just in case. Sometimes gasoline is a precious commodity after a storm and you can't run a generator without it!

I was a little disappointed about the 10 pound chicken box, because I was expecting IQF boneless skinless chicken breasts, and what apparently was substituted was IQF boneless, skinless chicken breast meat. While there were some large pieces it is mostly chicken chunks. Nothing wrong with that, but since I already have a bunch of chicken tenders {chicken tenders from last month that were supposed to be breaded chicken tenders, but again, another substitute, were plain IQF} still left, I really didn't really need more plain chicken pieces!

Oh well, that is one of the few downfalls of Angel Food Ministries. Sometimes there are substitutions, and you don't know till you pick up your order. Well, between what I had, this new 10 pound box, and the chicken included in the signature box this month, I have chicken chunks coming out of my ears!

My total this month was $69 and this is what the boxes contained. {I think I got it all}

10 pounds of Individually Quick Frozen Chicken Breast Meat
6 pounds lean all beef Hamburger Steaks (12 patties)
4 (6 ounce) New York Strip Steaks
2 pound package of Chicken Breast for Stir Fry (boneless/skinless chunks)
2 pounds of Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets
1 pound package of Steak Fajita Strips
1 (20 ounce) frozen Supreme Pizza
1 Jumbo Beef Patties Frozen Meal with Gravy (1 pound 12 ounce package)
1 pound package of Hot Dogs
1 (10 ounce) package of Individually Wrapped Sliced Cheese
1 pound of Frozen Mixed Vegetables
2 pound bag of French Fries
1 (12 count) package of White Corn Tortillas
1 pound bag of Rice
1 (15 ounce) can of Peach Halves
1 (6 ounce) package of Pancake Mix
1 (32 ounce) 2% Shelf Stable Milk
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Frozen Apple Pie

Well, got some stuff to plant so I'm off to go dig in the dirt! Guess what's for dinner ...

Have an excellent weekend everybody - I know y'all are all outside diggin' in the dirt too, right?

Click here for some recipe ideas using Angel Food Ministries ingredients!


  1. I'm makin' chicken breast for supper tonight...teehee!

    Have fun in the dirt!!☼

  2. LOL Tammy ... too funny!

    I am takin' a lunch break from the yard - you would not believe how hot the sun is out there today {yeah, already}. Couple of the pepper plants were droopy, and it was from the heat cuz they didn't need water. Geez... Need to wash my car again too. It's red - but right now it's kinda orange from all of the yellow pollen LOL...

  3. I would love to e diggin in the dirt....but it is blissarding here AGAIN!!!! have I mentioned that I have had enough of the winter?

  4. You too Heidi!

    You have got to be kiddin' me Tootsie! No way!! It is so hot down here today - I think we totally skipped spring! Well at least you have that beautiful greenhouse full of plants just waitin' to go!

  5. Hey Mary, the chicken breast is pieces. Makes stir fry and tex-mex food easy to prepare. I'm jealous, you got an apple pie. we got blueberry, again [big sigh]

  6. Hi, Mary! It's in the 80s here, finally, after a cold wave for a few weeks. I have 2 teeny baby tomatoes growing on my cherry tomato bush, and 1 growing on my bush goliath tomato plant. It was so nice to see them growing as I'm a new container gardener.

    I picked up our AF order this morning and was very pleased with the items. We didn't get the chicken chunks at my distribution center; they substituted large pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breasts fillets. I was happy about that. :)

    We ordered a box of the 10 lbs. of chicken and it was large pieces of chicken breast fillets. I was surprised that they were just in a large bag inside the box and the bag wasn't sealed up and I had to break them apart a little bit, but they looked fine otherwise.

    We ate some of the breaded chicken fillets tonight for dinner and they were very good.

    Seems like different places had different desserts. Our were pecan pies. YUM! We've already had little pieces. :) Twice! LOL!

    Enjoy reading your blog and looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!
    God bless!

  7. Trust me I'm not complaining! These are super handy for sure. It's just that I still have probably 7 or 8 pounds of the plain boneless tenders from last month yet to use!! Gonna have to put on my thinkin' cap and pull together some casseroles and other stuff I guess!

    Funny thing is I was expecting a lemon pie because somebody had emailed me about how to prepare their's. I had my mouth all set for lemon! But apple works too. :)

  8. Hey Linda! It was in the 80s here too today. I don't sweat like normal people so I just end up overheated. Can't take the heat long, so when I'm in the garden I'm in and out of the house to cool off. Ugh.

    Yay on the tomatoes!! Isn't it exciting? I actually only have the one green tomato on my Bush Goliath too, but did have some blossom drop because we had a few cold evenings. I guess the tomatoes and the squash didn't like that much! They are recovering (hopefully) and I have some new blossoms on there now, so hopefully we're good to go.

    Lucky you with the pecan pie!!!

    Yeah, we were supposed to get the chicken breast fillets. When I get those I just separate them into Ziploc bags to store them. I don't mind having the chunks but if I had known I wouldn't have ordered them since I had all those tenders left over. Oh well.

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the blog - I love hearing others are getting something interesting out of it.

  9. I can't wait until we get to GA and I can join up with AFM. I got my co-op box today, and there was lots of good stuff, but pie?! We don't get anything like that. The closest I got was strawberries. I guess I could MAKE a pie. . .lol

    don't get too hot out in your garden!

  10. Krystal, they haven't always done the pies - a couple of times it was a box of those itty bitty cheapo cookies. But recently it has been some kind of pie every month. Can you believe that Linda got a pecan pie?!! Next month in addition to the regular fruit & veggie box, they have a 'Latin Flavors' fruit & veggie box, with avocados, key limes, jalapeno peppers, chayote squash, calabacita squash and the usual other veggies - even a watermelon! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get that one.

  11. I'm thinking that Latin Fruit & Veggie Box would be worth it because those little watermelons at Krogers yesterday were about $5 each. I'd like to get it to experiment with, but our budget won't allow for that in May.

    Just wanted to drop by again & let you know that those 10 lbs of chicken breast fillets must actually be the chunks. The supposed breast fillets are flat & looked like fillets, but they must really be chunks that melded together. I cooked about 3 lbs in the crockpot for teriyaki barbecue chicken and after a couple hours of cooking I tried to gently stir them and they just fell apart. Oh, well, they're still good! :)

    3 lbs. of frozen breast yielded about 2 lbs. of cooked meat. Plenty to eat for dinner and to have enough left over to freeze.

    We now have 2 teeny tomatoes on the bush goliath! And, the first cherry tomato sure is growing!

    I read your article on using chemicals for pest control & figure I'd best get something for the tomatoes, and eventually the cukes and chives I'll be planting. Being a novice gardener, those tips & pics sure came in handy!

    Have a great week! We're having sunshine thru Tuesday, I think, then stormy weather the rest of the week! Ugh!

  12. P.S. We have almost consumed a whole pecan pie since yesterday morning! That is not good! LOL! The other 2 are frozen and I hope can be spaced out one per month for the next 2 months. But, mama has a BIG sweet tooth! :\

  13. Hi Linda! I have more blossoms that have formed but waitin' on the baby fruit to come along.

    Hopefully I'm ahead of the bugs this year by doing the treatment early rather than after I spot too much damage.

    I'm about ready to build the vertical supports for my raised beds so we'll be heading to Lowe's likely tomorrow.

    I don't mind the chicken chunks so much, except that I bought the 10 pound chicken tenders last month. Guess we'll be eatin' a lot of chicken in May! They do have the whole fillets sometimes, but then you have a chance that they make a substitute on you like this time.

    We could sure use some rain. The weed & feed I put down on the lawn in the back is doing its job - the weeds are dying, now I need the grass to grow and fill in! Been running a sprinkler pretty regular this week. It's been HOT!

    I know what you mean about pecan pie - so good!! I've got a bit of a sweet tooth myself, so I totally understand!! Just ask my hips LOL.


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