Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GMA's $15 Dinner Dare

Well, I'm off to work in the yard again today. The back yard this time. It literally took me hours to finish with raking, bucket watering, and fertilizing the flowers, shrubs, plants and lawn out front. I also gave my roses their first dose of Epsom salts - I'm a bit behind on all of this. And I've still got to go back and do a couple more things, including sweeping the roof and the walk and doing some edging.

Today it is supposed to be in the 80s. Already. {I told y'all spring is short-lived around here.} I got so hot yesterday that I ended up with a heat headache last night - I don't sweat like normal people do, so I just end up getting overheated instead. Nobody has invented a pill that works against a heat headache. The pollen is falling too, so not only is my car that was just washed and clean and so pretty now covered again with yellow pollen, my allergies are really fired up.

And ... I forgot my most important garden tools yesterday - a hat and some sun screen! So when you're gardening, don't forget your sunscreen!!

Anyway, I'm off to it, but thought I would leave you with a couple of links - about food! What else?! I'll be back later with a chicken stir-fry I had for dinner that I'd love to share with y'all. Figured it was still a bit too early for that post just yet!

Have a great day everybody ... and HAPPY EARTH DAY too!


Good Morning America has been doing a $15 Dinner Dare with celebrity chefs this week. The challenge was to do dinner under $15 - which is a pretty generous budget - however, it appears to have morphed into a 'how many dishes can you make with $15' which makes it even better! The GMA hosts do the shopping and the chefs have to come up with dinners within one hour and using the ingredients that were purchased.

It's interesting and fun to see what they have been coming up with, and they've featured so many of my favorite chefs. Mario Batali was on Monday. Emeril Lagasse was on yesterday. Cat Cora today. I think Wolfgang Puck is on tomorrow. Not sure about Friday.

Look for the 'tabs' underneath the heading of Cat's feature for the prior links to Monday and Tuesday.

Cat Cora is leading so far with the most dishes created out of the $15 dinner budget.

Go and check it out!

Bonus: A reader posted a link to Erin Chase's $5 dinner challenge there. Apparently this gal was featured on the Rachael Ray Show recently. I took a quick peek at her site and it looks interesting, so I'll be checking that out again later today.

Later folks!


  1. Wow! You were busy! I know what you mean about heat headaches. Going to hit 97 today, a record. UGH. A hat is really a requirement around here.

    With all that work, I bet your yard is going to look gorgeous by summer.

  2. I'll have to tune in to GMA for those recipes. That's right down my alley. (Cheap dinners)

  3. Penniwig - Oh those headaches are awful. I wish I was a sweater like my hubby. He's POURS sweat on hot days. I just do the old southern belle thing and just get hot and ready to pass out LOL!

    I hope my garden looks decent is all! By the time June gets around I'm too tired to fool with it and the heat is too much for me so it all goes to pot.

    I've had such problems with bugs and weeds, basically that is what I am battling with right now trying to nip it in the bud. I don't really have those 'magazine' gardens - the heat seems to kill off everything that I try to grow! But I keep on tryin'...

    Hi Sherri - I thought it was an interesting segment and wanted to pass it on. Something different from the same old same old anyway!

  4. Wind is blowing and dark clouds here...I'll be glad to see warmer weather!

    I'm glad you mention allergies, I might as well start my med right now as I make a trip next week down south and I know just what to expect ;D

  5. Yeah, the pollen is pretty bad right now and I've got all these oaks. Ugh...

  6. My mother was telling me about the $15 dinner dare. I could feed about 8 people most nights on $15 and they are feeding a family of four? It's not even $15 a day, since they are only making dinner. That's just insane.

  7. I thought the same thing Kristin - but then it looked like the chefs took it to how many dishes can I make with $15 worth of groceries instead of just a single meal for 4. I guess they're on a New York budget lol!


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