Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

Since a lot of you may have missed this post over the Easter weekend, I figured I'd leave ya with a little yummy second look at this delicious Strawberry Angel Cake while I tend to errands and some gardening tasks the next day or so.

For those following my square foot vegetable gardening, I'll be soon posting an update on the 3 square foot beds I'm trying this spring, with pictures of the plant and seed progress, as well as some talk about pests and fertilizing, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, the rain is gone, the sun is shining bright, and I am off to run some errands and then piddle in the yard on this beautiful, gorgeous southern spring day we've been blessed with.


  1. Have nice day! Off to read more about that yummy cake!

  2. That cake does look angelic!!

    I will be paying close attention to your gardening posts...I'm so new to all of this stuff. I had no idea about what you meant in your comment today about treating rain soaked plants...sigh...maybe I will soak up some knowlege here too! ;D

  3. Hi Mya! It's good & easy!

    Tammy, it was such a beautiful day - the sky was a gorgeous blue & it was so pleasant that I actually enjoyed errands. You inspired me to stop by the library too - but I got there for the 1st time in years and it was CLOSED for renovations! Can you believe that? It got a little warm in the garden though to be honest. When I get my post up, I'll explain what I was talkin' about for sure!

  4. I can't wait to see the garden Mary. My son is thinking about trying a box here. Stop by my blog to pick up your award if you get the chance.

  5. Oh, that is so sweet! I sure will - thank you so much!!

    Well, it's my first swing with trying to do a "real" raised bed garden so I've got my fingers crossed for sure!

  6. Winner~~~Winner~~Chicken Dinner...please mail me your address to recieve your Second Prize winnin's!!!!!

  7. I saw that! My first time too. Just emailed ya earlier.


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