Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't Make Your Bed! Heard in...

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Heard in...

Woman's Day
April 14, 2009 issue

Don't make your bed?? Huh???

Haven't our Mamas been after us all our lives that we should make up our beds just as soon as we get up, before we do anything else?

Well, not so fast, says Adam Lowry, cofounder of nontoxic Method cleaning products - featured as some of Paula's Picks in the April 2009 issue of Cooking with Paula Deen. Apparently the moisture from your body after a night's sleep is a great breeding ground for dust mites, so the last thing you want to do is pull up those covers and give 'em a nice place to be all cozy and reproduce.

Throw back the covers, open a window {unless you live in the deep south, me thinks} to let in some fresh air, and just let everything air out for a bit first. Make up your bed just before you head out the door for work.

My problem is, while I do like my bed to be made, if that doesn't happen right when I first get up, well, it ain't likely to happen!

I always knew that somehow, there had to be a case for an unmade bed.


  1. That makes alot of sense, you just gave me an excuse to hold off on making my bed! LOL!!

  2. Years ago, I read what was then an old guide to housekeeping. The thought back then was to throw the covers way back, open all the bedroom windows and dust and straightened up the room before making the bed. That never became my approach. I did the cover and window thing and went downstairs to make breakfast. Sometimes I actually made it back to make the bed. We had really well-aired bedrooms :).

  3. The thought of dust mites in my bed is so disgusting, but I know we all have them! GROSS!

  4. Sounds good to me!!! Remember.....what you don't see won't hurt you!!!!

  5. maybe that is why my oldest daughter is healthier than the rest of us! She NEVER makes her bed....but tells us she did! lol
    good tip...but I am like you's right now or never for me too!

  6. I only make my bed if someone is coming to visit and then only if there is a chance that someone might make down the hall to my bedroom ! ! ! Dust mites? I try not to ever think of them, they are very creepy little creatures!

  7. I have always driven the point home with my daughters to make their beds first thing. When my oldest daughter married, I was appalled to learn that she never makes her bed! Dare I send her this article?! Makes me laugh. I'm not sure I can ever "unlearn" making my bed first thing!

  8. I hear ya Vicki! I'm the same way. Things just seem so undone if the bed is unmade and like I said, if I don't do it right way, it gets forgotten. Besides, I have to have straight covers before I get back in the thing or I can't sleep! Hubs sometimes will pull the coverlet and blanket up, but leave the sheets underneath all crumpled up. I can't sleep until they are straightened!

    There are pretty much only two times that I will leave the bed unmade all day. If I'm rushing out the door, running late and in a hurry - and even then soon as I get home I make it.

    The only other time would be when I intend to be in and out of it all day, which on occasion I do ... me, the bed, a pile of magazines, the laptop, some movies .... heaven.

  9. I can only make the bed when it is clear of cats, and that is very rare.

  10. I hear ya! Hubs must have hot feet because the cats like to lay on his feet. Sometimes they can be bed hogs can't they, course I only have the 2 cats, but I suspect that once the pup is older and housebroken, he'll be up there with us too.


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