Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bras, or Hey! Where'd Those Triple Ds Come From??

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Okay... those of you arriving from a google search looking for Triple D pics - and you know who you are - just move along. This is a post about buying BRAS. Nothing for you to see here.

Update: The bras came in. I was right. 'Nuff said.

Okay, so I went on a shopping spree yesterday. Yep. I sure did.

We got paid, so I took that check and I browsed at all the new fall clothing, and thought of how I really really need a new leather coat, like that way too cute hooded leather parka,and look at that gorgeous pair of Gucci sunglasses,and that Anne Klein Swarovski watch,and I dreamed of new household stuff like those fab Le Creuset Mini CocottesI really, really, really want, thick, plush, jacquard velour Egyptian cotton towelsand super soft king size 1000 thread count sheets,and you betcha, I shopped till I dropped ...

... all right here in my recliner!

Yeah, yeah I know ... shop local and all that, and I do ... and truly, despite my education in textiles, and merchandising, and buying, and fashion design {yes, I started off with a double major in fashion and business, not legal, ya'll didn't know that did ya?} with my Stay-at-Home-Empty-Nester-Wardrobe these days, well, I'm perfectly happy in my cheap Wally World t-shirts and sweats as far as clothes go. But, I so love fashion nonetheless and home goods and shopping online and while all of that dreamin' was indeed true... my real shopping spree {though expensive enough} consisted of some pretty boring stuff.

First, I needed to get some new clothes for The Cajun, who is not a small man but refuses to believe he no longer has a size 32 waist, and will not shop, so I pretty much have to go online to get things for him that are attractive and stylish.

You see, not only does The Cajun love my cooking of course, but he's also a bit of a carb addict, filling in between my balanced meals of meat, veggies and salads, with mid-meal snacking consisting of heavy carbs. He's got, shall we say for lack of a better word, a bit of a beer belly. And he doesn't even drink beer, or any alcohol for that matter!

Anyway, he needed some new shirts and despite his protests of not needing any new pants, a pair of dress slacks. Blue jeans and cowboy boots {his uniform of choice} can only go so far people.

And, it was time to purchase flea and heartworm treatments for the canines and felines in our family and those treatments are necessary, but costly, and just a bit cheaper online than they are at the vet's office.

And, the only other thing I bought {besides sssshhh.... Vol. 2 of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking,but hey, it's got pastry, what can I say?!} was bras, because yesterday the wire broke through on my favorite bra and y'all know that pretty much does a bra in, cuz there is no woman in her right mind who is gonna wear a bra that has a wire pokin' into her breast all day.

And yes, I have to buy my bras online because I like the Cacique bras at Lane Bryant and NOBODY not even them, carry the size I need, in the store, because let's face it. My body is weird, and I am not a size 2. Or a 6. Or even a 12. I am not only A Woman of a Certain Age, but I am also A Woman of a Certain Size and not A Little Woman. Even at my most perfect weight as a young woman, I never really have been A Little Woman.

Okay ... there was that one time in the early and mid-80s of disco leftovers and lots and lots and lots of dancing, and well, let's just say lots and lots and lots of partying, when I was livin' in New Orleans, came home and my Daddy greeted me with

"are you eatin'? cuz you shore look like one of them anorexics or somethin'."
Okay, yeah, I truly was way too thin back then, but... those days are long gone & I'm just sayin'... I love to cook. I love to eat. I hate deliberate exercise. 'Nuff said.

So, I did like a good little girl and went and grabbed the tape measure and took new measurements to make sure that I got the right size bra, because let's face it Mary, since southern food blogging, you've put on a few. I mean, cooking southern favorites often in order to build {what I hope is} a proper southern food blog will do that, ya know?

But you know, there is something that I really want to know.

Who the heck sets the rules for bra measuring anyway?

You measure the band size, then the fullest part of the bustline and subtract the two. If it's a 2 inch difference it's a B cup, 3 inch a C cup, yada yada.

Well, if I purchased a bra that these people say I should, it would be a DDD for pete's sake! And yes, while just when I lose weight, the breasts are the first to go, when I have any bulk to my bod, well, there are breasts, but y'all, these are not Triple D Breasts, no way!

So I have to order a larger band size with what I think is a C-cup bustline here. So there. Ehhh... what do they know anyways??

Course ... when those bras get here, well, I might just be eatin' my C-cup words...


  1. HA HA HA! As a fellow southerner and food blogger who eats.. a lot.. and a lot of Southern Food.
    umm... yes. :-)

  2. Ahhh yes, the great bra size debate. Did you ever see the show on Oprah where she said that "all" women are wearing the wrong size bras. And then she had all these women trying on bras to prove it. I decided to go into Nordstroms and get "sized". The girl insisted I was a 32DD! I couldn't even breath in that thing! Give me a nice, comfy 36C and I'm a happy girl...

  3. Oh yeah, I am all about supporting local businesses but shopping online was made for me!

  4. Well, you've certainly given my day a lift :-).

  5. Yeah Rachel, I got a bit of Junk In The Trunk since food bloggin' for sure.

    JAM, I know! I saw that show too and I was like, whatev! I don't believe that. Maybe our breasts have evolved since they came up with that system, but I have a feeling that C is gonna be me.

    Haden News, sometimes ya just gotta laugh at yourself, ya know!

    Me too Sandy! I'm waiting for our new Promenade Shopping Center to open next month in d'Iberville, north of Biloxi off of I-110. Besides gettin' our eateries that we lost in Katrina back - Olive Garden & Red Lobster - plus a few others, we'll have 30 stores/restaurants in all, several of which will be anchor stores like Michaels, Marshall's, PetSmart, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods and Kohl's! WooHooo! Now.... I need some MONEY.

    Oh Mary, you're so funny!!!

  6. I truly enjoyed this post!

    I used to teach fashion and textiles and now I've settled into my comfortable mommy attire...but like you, I can still appreciate the good stuff...even if I'm not wearin' it!

    And my hubby sounds a lot like yours, in waist measurement and in his lack of desire to try on clothing. : )

    I just got a new bra in the mail tonight. I bought one at Kohl's and sent away for the freebie! Gotta love it!

    I had to laugh at your story from your "little woman" days. In my 20's I got the running bug and dropped down to between a size 4 and 6. When I went home for a visit my mom and grandma had a similar response to your dad. They thought I was sick or something. I've always been a curvy girl.

    Enjoy your purchases!

  7. Hope the new C-Cup works for you. Bras are such a source of frustration! With my first pregnancy I went from a perky C to a DD and then to a B! I'm only halfway through this pregnancy, and I am already filling a D just fine ... wonder how big they'll actually get!

    My mom had a mastectomy 10 years ago and wears a prosthetic breast on the right side ... she had the same one and the same ill-fitting bra for much of those 10 years ... just recently she got fitted for new of both, and it make such an amazing difference! There is something to be said for a good foundation :)

  8. I did the same thing JAM did. saw Oprah, went to Victoria's Secret and had my first "real" measurements (I've always had issues finding a right fit but for opposite reasons than yours) The girl measures me twice and gets a confused look on her face. She says "I dont even know if we make a bra that would fit you. Usually when women are that big around they have big boobs" I'm a 40A. Hard to find that on a rack anywhere.

  9. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have been enjoying your blog. The only thing worse than shopping for a bra is shopping for a swim suit.

  10. THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone else has also figured out that the whole bra measurement thing doesn't add up. I used to buy my bras from Target but after realizing that they were nothing but crap, I started buying online...the LeMystere line (the dream tisha bra). I've never loved a bra more in my life!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  11. That is so funny! Bra shopping is the worst! I actually started buying mine from lane bryant. I went in the store and had them fit me! It is so hard to spend that much money on something nobody else see's!

  12. I went to school for Fashion MErchandising too. I'm not working now but I love it and I discovered that online shopping is as good as going to the mall. lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. I hear ya; bra shopping sucks. I'm also a southern gal with a not so lil figure, I'm not fat, just curvy so any shoppin is a frustration really. LOL I'll probably be alone in the corner on this one but I admit I hate to clothes shop. Shopping for shirts to fit my DD's and trying to find pants that don't show what underwear I'm wearing when I sit down is quite a challenge. Hope all your online buys work out for ya. Have a good day.

  14. Well...hello Dolly! ;D

    I hate shopping for bras...if I do find one that feels good there is only one in that style...and I feel like I need at least 5 to see me through, most times!

  15. Hi Mary,

    What a hoot! I was looking for something to inspire me today and this was it. I needed a good laugh to focus and this did it.

    After 3 babies- who knows what my size is? Fingers crossed the c's fit.


  16. What are you doing to me. Do you know how hard it has been for me to resist buying the Kindle. I trick my mind into thinking there's no place like a real book. there's no replacing that smell. lol OH no, I'm a shopaholic it btw, this is feeding my addiction. Oh no...Don't do it Lisa, Don't log onto amazon. Remember you want the video camera first. And it's cheaper. lol

    So a few bloggy friends I've met through SITS are going to start a mini book club. We are still trying to get our act togehter. We'd love for you to join and even suggest books to read. What do you think?

  17. I hear ya. I have great boobs when I am fat. Double D's. Papa loves em. When I shrink I have what looks like two fried eggs hangin on a nail.

    I hate buying bra's.

  18. You crack me up girl! Not to mention speak my Actually I was in the store recently and the lady measured me and told me to get one band and one cup size bigger. It seems to work better, but not perfect. If you have spillage or rolling you are wearing the wrong size.

  19. Hilarious!!! Love it. Why is it when "I" lose weight the first place to go is my boobs??
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Can't wait to check out your food blog!

  20. You are so funny! Hope that
    C-cup works out for ya!!! LOL

  21. You are to funny!! I love my wally world fashions too.

  22. thanks for visiting my blog SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB from SITS. have a great holiday weekend.


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