Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday

When I don't feel well (like yesterday), I am a grouch. I sometimes can't even stand myself.

Being over age 50 apparently does not exempt one from having a pimple breakout.

Watching Food Network television very late at night will make you hungry.

Our 8 year old television died so we had to get a new one.  While getting a new television is pretty cool (except for the part about having to pay for it that is), having to install it and hook everything up again is not at all fun. Especially when you have a husband who is technology challenged. Something typically goes wrong, and I get all stressed about it.  And this time was no different.

Rushing to get that television installed and working correctly before the NFL opening night game, does not mean that your husband will not immediately fall asleep before halftime.

Having a puppy and a kitten at the same time seems a little bit like having 2 toddlers. There's the sleeping and the eating schedule and the housebreaking and the litter training. And, you have to be on constant guard with them both all the time.  I literally do not have a moments peace anymore because I spend half my day correcting and/or fussing at one or the other. My primary vocabulary lately seems to mostly consist of 'No' 'Stop' 'Don't' 'Quit that' 'Come here' 'Behave' 'Where are you/What are you Doing?' and 'Do you need to go to the Bathroom." And that's just my husband! Just kidding honey.

Just a moment ago, I heard a loud crash in the office and found the kitten in there innocently looking like he had no idea what that was. I'm sure I don't even want to know.

Yesterday, I found that the kitten had strewn my newly laundered and nicely folded clothes all across the bedroom and hallway floor, and he and the puppy were playing tug of war with them.

Also yesterday, I took my eye off the puppy for just a minute, and in just that short of a time, he chewed up and destroyed the cord for recharging my Kindle.

There are constantly puppy and kitty toys strewn about underfoot all over my house all day long and at night before I go to bed, I go all around the house picking everything up only to do it all over again every single day.

If you think you are going to get to sleep in a bit because you were up late, the UPS guy will show up with your new Kindle cord promptly at 9 a.m., and ring the doorbell.

Since it's been a long time since I've had a puppy, I'd forgotten that they also have "baby" teeth.  When Boo's teeth started falling out, I freaked out.

Even though I have a food blog, sometimes I just don't feel like cooking.

I have all of the new fall television premiere dates for my favorite shows calendared.

Eight years ago, I was packing and getting ready to attend a paralegal conference in New York state. That night before, I had a horrible nightmare where I dreamed that the plane I was in, blew up in mid-air.  Needless to say it was unsettling, considering that I was about to fly to New York!  I overslept and didn't even turn the television on that morning, which was unusual because I usually turned on the news every morning while I got ready for work.  When I walked into my office, I saw on the television by the front door, what was transpiring in New York city that morning after the first plane hit. It was 9/11/01.  A cold chill ran down my spine. I was in shock for days. I cried for weeks. My heart still hurts for the families of those lost and every year I relive it along with them and the rest of us Americans. I will forever feel that pain.

My heart and prayers go out to all who were affected by the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.


  1. Great fun today, Mary. Your post really made me smile.

  2. network at night is never a good idea...haha...but nonetheless, i do it EVERY night...I am currently craving muffins from a Good Eats episode the other night...
    and I love that you have premier dates on your calender...I need to do that...
    Have a good weekend!

  3. the puppy/ kitty stuff made me lol and then I seriously reconsidered getting a puppy. What am I thinking?

  4. oh... and the part where you said you have a food blog and sometimes don't feel like cooking made me feel better about myself because I DON'T have a food blog and I NEVER feel like it all makes sense.

  5. It was a very shocking time, 9/11. It still seems very surreal, looking back. What an unsettling experience you had, what with the horrible premonition and the near-miss in travelling that day, no wonder you were shook up for so long.

    Sorry the new kitten and puppy are being pains. At least the kitten will grow up pretty quickly...the puppies seem to take longer to mature...they just keep gnawing and being awful for SO long....

  6. I don't think any of us will ever get over 9/11.

    Your 'toddlers' sound like a hand full but also alot of fun. It's probably a good thing they are so cute & cuddly at that age, huh?

  7. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Yes, agree with you. 50 is the new 30. And I believe life starts at 50!

    9/11 has left wounds on our hearts that haven't completely healed. Yet I believe it was also one of America's defining moments.

  8. I am in my forties and I still have breakouts. I don't get it.

    I love new TVs. We got one about a year and a half ago and we are still paying for it. The sad part is the price on it has dropped so much, we owe more than it cost if we bought it new today :-(

    I wish my UPS man came at 9am. Ours doesn't get here until after 4pm.

  9. Hi Mary,
    You are not alone girl...there are days when I just don't like being me, and I am more grouchy than usual...hee hee....never can put my finger on it...I don't know if it is the events of the day, which I try to keep away from....or the
    "pause" (ahem)....I don't much like the pause business either...I think it is the problem. Your youngin's will grow up...we just have less patience now....your kids are grown..I got a ways to go
    with that on the Pause....we'll get
    through it....9/11 a dark, sad day
    for for humanity....I believe that affected me for the rest of my life,and I can also recall the feeling from that day, and the days
    afterwards....don't want to cook?
    then don' will come back round is part of the process.....:)

  10. You are a glutton for punishiment - a puppy AND a kitten at the same time. I do love the image of them playing tugging of war with your laundry, though. Very cute!

    The anniversary of 9/11 is always a difficult day. A day to remember.

  11. I would love to see pics of your liddle critters Ms. Ellie Mae! ;D

  12. Hey Mary, thanks! Just was feeling kinda random.

    Krissa, I know - I do the same thing (watch FN every night) but since the premieres are about to hit I'll be busy catching up on my favorite shows!

    Seriously Tori, Penniwig & PictureGirl, they are a joy, but not without work.

    Crown of Beauty, I have a way to go before I understand that. It seemed my life started to crumble at 50, but I think it was more the fault of Hurricane Katrina that my turning 50.

    PropellerHeadMom, oh gosh! I hate that!! Well, this one sure wasn't cheap & I told the guy we gave the old tv to that if he was able to fix it, I didn't want to know! Sometimes I get the early UPS guy - mine usually doesn't come until about 3 or 4 either. I think the early guy is the overnight guy. Well, not MY overnight guy LOL!! :)

    Faith, I'm sure it's ALL about that pause. If it's such a natural thing for women, why oh why does it cause so much trouble???!!!!

    Pam, yeah, I know.. I'm crazy. They were both "found" pets (who found us) and not at all deliberately planned. I love them both, but I'd forgotten how much work "little ones" can be!

    I do need to update photos I guess. And you're right Tammy, I AM Ellie Mae LOL!!!

  13. Loved this post Mary! I could feel your heart at the end!
    I did not know you had a puppy and a kitten. :) You are a brave lady! I bet it does kinda feel like you have a set of twins. lol

  14. I can most definitely feel for you.There are days that I wish I could crawl into someone elses body for
    I am not ahuge pet person but we got a puppy last winter and went thru all the things that you talked about.It drove me to the edge but I'm so glad we toughed it out.She's such a sweet little dog now.
    Lol about the food network! I'm with ya!
    Have a good Sunday!
    P.S.I also have all the season premiers on my calendar;p

  15. I crave olives come 10pm...don't ask me why! x

  16. Wow. That last bit gave me chills. As many people as have written and spoke of 9/11, I've never heard of anyone who dreamed it the night before. Incredible.

    I once read a blog written by a girl who was scheduled for an interview toward one of the upper floors of one of the towers at 9 a.m. on 9/11. She blew the interview off...and has been left wondering why she was spared and not the others who were in the same interview (it was a group interview). Because she was a slacker, she was spared.

  17. I can't watch Food Network. I seriously always want to eat.

    And I'm awful with hooking things up. My husband is pretty good but he tends to curse if he can't figure something out right away.


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