Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Eats! The Early Years

Y'all know how I am with my books, and if you are as big a fan as I am of Alton Brown as the culinary commentator of Iron Chef and as writer, director, and host of his show Good Eats, both on Food Network, you will also want this book - Good Eats: The Early Years. Can you believe that show has been on for TEN years?!

I so love this show and there is not a single episode that airs where even I don't learn something new, but besides that, the show is just darned funny and entertaining!

{Click the pics for a closer lookie loo!}

The first of a trilogy (Middle Years is in the works and due out in 2010) this book is not a disappointment either, especially if you are already a fan. You are gonna love it! A big, heavy book,more than an inch and a half thick and nearly 400 pages, it's really more like an encyclopedia for all things food.  Loaded with the food-science info that you've come to love from Good Eats, plus all of the food trivia, food jokes and food puns from the first 80 episodes of Seasons 1 through 6.

You may remember some of them - The Egg Files, Romancing the Bird, Apple Family Values, Fry Hard, Mussel Bound, Flap Jack Do It Again, Grill Seekers, A Chuck for Chuck, Chile's Angels, This Spud's for You Too and Casserole Over, to name a few.

Beginning with "Alton Brown Interviews Alton Brown on the Making of Good Eats," this book is filled with quips, quotes, and clever "Knowledge Concentrates," and nearly 1,000 photos and illustrations. Oh and yeah, the recipes, of course - there are more than 140 of them to enjoy, many of them remastered from the original episodes. If you have a foodie scientist in the making, the cover even unfolds to a full sized poster.

True foodie yourself?  Then you are gonna love and want a copy of this book for yourself. Not only will you find yourself referencing it in the kitchen, and believe me, even if you are an experienced cook, you are gonna learn a lot about cooking with this book, but this is one book that is also armchair worthy to just sit with and read purely for the laughter and entertainment. Get yours... I've got mine and I already LOVE IT!


  1. I love his show too, always makes me giggle!

  2. My husband always laughs at me whenever I buy a new cookbook (which happens less and less thanks to said laughing!) because I will rarely leave a recipe 'untampered' with. Sometimes I don't even try the recipe as written the first time, which really baffles him! Ah, well, life and cooking are more fun my way ...

    I'm currently baking my version of Quiche Lorraine - shaved ham instead of bacon, chives instead of onion, shredded Parmesan instead of Swiss cheese ... no idea what it'll taste like, but I'm fairly certain it'll be edible!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you stop by again.

  3. my 18 son LOVES this show! I need to get this book!

  4. Mary, thanks for the heads-up. I love his program and would love to have paper copy of his experiments and recipes. Have a great day.

  5. Alton is the Man....when ever I get a chance to watch him on my break at work, I tune him in...I have a few of his videos also...He
    is my favorite.......and he makes me laugh too.. Thank you for info

  6. I love this geeky lil' man and his wealth of food knowledge. I used to show his videos to my Foods classes when I was teaching. I'd totally dig this book.

  7. Where was this man when I was so bored during two semesters of Food Science classes?! Thanks for the heads up on his book.

  8. Love his show too! He is very entertaining!

  9. Shame on you for posting this, when you know I pledged to buy no more cookbooks!


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