Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beautiful Full Moon

Hasn't the moon just been gorgeous the last few nights? I couldn't resist trying to find the man in the moon. See him anywhere?

Shot with:

Canon Rebel XTi Digital SLR 
70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens
f11 ISO 100 1/250
No tripod!



  1. Awesome picture. I don't know much about cameras, but I'm curious about the one you used. I bet it's not a point and shoot. LOL!

  2. I so need a new camera... awesome picture and No, i didn't see him but if i do i will send him your way :-)

  3. I just posted a moon photo on my Facebook from 11/1. I love taking the moon's photo. =) But I have never been able to find the man in the moon?? My eyes have never been good at those eye illusion photos. lol

  4. Awesome..I observed it too..and thought about taking a picture..but
    I am just not picture savy..I actually did take a picture from the top floor of the parking garage at work..I got the railing in the shot, and moon looked like a street light...far away..it made me laugh though..so I am glad you got the awesome shot of it..you could almost see the man in the moon..Do you remember the story about that? I have only bits and peices in my memory bank..something about Hawaii, and a husband and wife? Thank you for sharing your picture with those of us who are camera challenged...


  5. Great shot! And your photo looks more like 30 than 50!

    just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.

  6. Don't see a man, but I do see a giant spider. Great shot!

  7. Gorgeous and awesome picture. Love it!


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