Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - My Garden Buddies


  1. Great photo of a beautiful dragonfly!

  2. I don't recall seeing one of these, at least this up close before....are they also beneficial
    to the garden? He is rather pretty.

  3. Thanks Karen! I just love these little guys. I call them flirts because they follow me around in the garden and they love to be talked to!!

    Faith they eat bugs and I have plenty of them to eat especially those darned mosquitoes. I only had my close up lens and this fella was hard to capture by camera - he was a bit shy and kept flying off. Took me a couple of days to snag the picture. Some of them actually seem to pose!

  4. Great picture!! I try and I try, but can never get one!

  5. I had to chase him around for awhile Pam but usually they are happy to pose - especially when I have the camera! Little hams!!


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