Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome ... um, Fall?

Today {cough} in case you didn't notice {cough, cough, cough} the change {cough, cough} in my banner up there already {cough, cough, cough}, is the official end of summer {cough} and the first day of fall {cough, cough}.  The calendar may say so, but you wouldn't know it since it's right at 90 degrees here right now as I type this.

And, just in case you didn't notice by all that hacking up there... The Crud is back.

Yep. Without nary a seasonal change of temperature, both The Cajun and I have picked up that same exact bug {headache, fever, chills, sore throat, coughing - and tasting the mucus in your lungs, um yuck, everytime you cough} and that general crappy feeling, that circulated back mid-summer.  Well, at least this time we both have it at the same time, so he who ignored and did not nuture me one iota the last time I had this, now understands exactly how crappy I feel.

I should have seen it coming since one of the more popular searches I have seen the past few weeks  has been for my Hot Toddy recipe. It's not as tasty as that Sweet Potato Bread I just posted, but you might want to hold on it. Just sayin'...

Happy {cough} Fall Y'all!



  1. We had fall then now we are back to summer for a few days. In Oregon the weather is crazy! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yep, that bug gets's been here too....with the change of the weather.....hope you are soon on the mend...but you feel pretty yucky for sure..Thank you for popping over and tell me about the fabric foam board for the cupboard/M.Stewart..what a cool is do able thing..and easy peasy to change out...I like it....thanks for are the bestest....and ps...going to try that sweet potatoe breade..

  3. Living in Cali we don't really have the 4 seasons. I envy you having the sesonal changes. Hope you feel better and kick that crud to the curb! A toddy would be nice right about now.

  4. I feel you n the Fall thing... Maybe the crud will come and go quickly and hopefully stay gone till spring! Get well friend!

  5. Yuck. I hate that crud. We just got over a bout of it in our house.

    And it's fall here for sure! Jackets in the morning, and the leaves are changing. I even busted out my fall decor.


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