Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring Y'all!!

Spring has officially arrived, though I guess a few of you still have winter hanging on by her fingernails.  About the time y'all get your spring cranked up, we'll probably be sweltering down here.  It's been a gorgeous couple of weeks though. Today it was in the mid-70s with a heat index already up to 78, and it felt it, but it's not 90 or 100 so I'll take it!

The birds, bees and butterflies and even one of my turtles, Lucy, have all shown up in the backyard, every one making me very happy to see them, though they've been hard to catch with the camera. The bees have actually been a bit fussy and fighting with one another over the blooms on my Meyer lemon!  I am hoping that their work might mean I'll finally have some lemons this year.

Last year there were a ton of blooms, but not a single lemon showed up. I have no idea why.

We had a brand new Krispy Kreme open up and of course y'all know we had to go get some!

I guess I've had a bit of spring fever too since I've been dragging my husband all over the place to be out in the sunshine and beautiful weather.  Thursday we went to a very small St. Patrick's Parade in Ocean Springs. There was a marching band.

A couple of floats.

And the Ole Biloxi Marching Club of course.

They hand out little paper flowers to the ladies, usually in exchange for a kiss. They've been marching in the parades around here since 1975.

But, the Budweiser Clydesdales were the guest of honor this year.

And of course the Budweiser Dalmatian was there. Isn't he gorgeous?

There was a Pub Crawl right after the parade.

Where you could partake in a number of jello shots, green beer, or adult beverages..., or both!

Or you could shop.

We stopped by the harbor to check on our Miss Lucy F.

Harbors are such a familiar sight for us, that sometimes we tend to forget that not everybody has them everywhere like we do. The clanking against metal in the wind, the gentle sloshing of the water up against the boats.

And the all too familiar sound of seagulls too.

Saturday we had a 3 year old Tee-Ball game, a BBQ festival and another St. Paddy parade in Biloxi (I think it got postponed from the weekend before), and then off to watch the air show at Keesler Air Force base.

On top of all that, I have been piddling around with more seeds (some flowers, some herbs, some veggies)

and I pulled up the tail end of the radishes, cabbage and collards so I could get the rest of the veggie gardens cleaned up and ready. Dealing with seedlings is kinda fun, but I'm learning that in the future I need to work it out where I have a place to put seeds that 1) I can set up early, and 2) not have to worry about the cats getting into the seedlings. I have to buckle everybody down every night before we go to sleep, or anytime we leave for fear they'll eat the plants {ask me how I know this}. I think I just need a greenhouse. And a potting shed.

The tomatoes are getting their second set of leaves and I've been carrying them in and out of the house to start to harden them off.

Tomorrow we'll be back outside working on getting more leaves up.  Can you believe that just a few days ago, this spot was clean? Thankfully the mower does a pretty good job of picking them up and most of these will go into the gardens.

As always, I'll be super happy when the oak tree pollen and leaf drop cycle ends because all this work combined with allergy meds and I'm tired! Somewhere amidst all of this I have multiple posts to get drafted and finalized, including a cookbook review and giveaway, a new buttermilk fried chicken recipe, a green gumbo (that I made with some of that cabbage and collards) and a peach crumb cake recipe, a few others I'm forgetting about that I need to work on!

My house is a mess, I have so much laundry to do that I have no clean underwear, and since I ain't as young as I used to be, my body is a little stiff, but it's been a fun week.  Are you exhausted yet? Cuz I am slap wore out y'all!

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  1. I'm slap wore out...this getting vintage thing is painful at times no? Sounds like a fun time, relaxing and enjoying life. I ordered the SFG book, you are right it is a good one....looking forward to trying that out this year..starting seedling...1 has sprung yay......we are not out of the woods here weather wise, we can still get pelted by another snowstorm, trees budding or not..
    Have a sunny,beautiful day.


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