Friday, April 1, 2011

Southern Azaleas

Azaleas in the south are certainly an indication of spring. They are in bloom everywhere right now, but unfortunately, their blooms are very short lived, and the first burst of spring showers usually strip them right off the branches.  We had a storm pass through here a few days ago, and I actually covered my big azalea with sheets just to keep the flowers around a little longer!

This one above is in my front yard shaded garden and is the only post-Katrina surviving azalea that lived past the onslaught of storm surge salt water that flooded into my yard. With no fresh, running water for weeks to flush them, it is the only one that survived.  I replanted a few around the yard since then but they are still pretty small.

Below is one that lives right next to the larger plant pictured above - a slightly different variety with groupings of  smaller blooms.

This one below is the same variety of the one above and lives in a garden on the east side of my house that is shadowed by multiple oak trees and is mostly shaded. The only problem with this is that the oaks tend to steal all the water so it is difficult to keep plants here hydrated. After trying to plant so many different things in this area, this garden is filled with more ferns than anything. They seem to thrive there.

And this azalea below is a re-bloomer called Encore. They are a bit expensive, but I wanted to see if I would like them and I planted two of them in the shade of a small magnolia tree on the east side of my backyard where they get a mix of sun and shade. Neither did well with blooming though, and in fact, with the extreme heat of last summer {and a bad neighbor who kept me very sick & not able to keep up in the yard with her excessive leaf burning last year}, I lost one of them. The blooms are a bit different, and very pretty.

If you love flowers and you ever make it down this way, put a trip to Bellingrath Gardens in south Alabama on your list. You can check the website to find out what is in bloom when, but it is especially gorgeous when all of the azaleas are in full bloom.

For the first time in a long while, I'm linking this to my gal Glenda at Tootsie Time. Go check out her blog if you love to garden. She is very inspirational!



  1. I love your azaleas, Mary. I have them all over the yard too since I also live in the south. They are so pretty especially when they are in full bloom...Christine

  2. Hello! I found your blog on Fertilizer Friday. Your azaleas are beautiful. Mine are just beginning to bloom and I live in South Carolina. Come visit me at

  3. What beautiful Azaleas. The Katrina survivor is just gorgeous ... such a lovely colour. I do so hope the others take off well. Great photos.

  4. Calling by as promised after your visit from Tootsie Time as participating in Fertiliser Friday and really enjoying meeting everyone else. Glorious azaleas, thanks for sharing.

  5. Visiting from Tootsie's. Very beautiful azaleas!

  6. I love Bellingrath Gardens! Your azalea photos are too pretty. I am linking over from Fertilizer Friday.

  7. I love them!!! I can't grow those here...soil is wrong and it gets WAY too cold for them to last any longer than one season...and they are PRICEY here!!!
    Yours are gorgeous!
    thanks for linking in this week has been way too long since I have had the chance to visit...just not enough time in a day anymore.
    I did pop over to your other blog and gain about 50 pounds tho...
    hugs friend!!!


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