Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hurricane Dean

Okay, so I'm not too worried about Erin, the tropical storm that is in the Gulf right now heading to southeast Texas or northeast Mexico. First it is heading due west and is only going to be a minor tropical storm by the time it lands. The other one that is out there - Dean - now that is another story. We have a baby coming next week for Pete's sake. And I dread doing the evacuation thing yet again. We have four pets, two of them large dogs, the other two cats, and the closest family is in the Dallas,Texas area, so it is such a hassle, especially if the hurricane goes elsewhere. They are predicting that Dean will be a category 4 hurricane before it ever even hits the Gulf, though nobody knows where it will go from there. Anywhere is bad news. But we sure don't need it. Not with the insurance rates the way they are now. I can't even imagine if we get another Katrina. So, yeah, I have post-Katrina anxiety rising up full force right now. We were one of the fortunate ones who did not lose our house or have anything more than minor wind damage, while neighbors just down the street from us either flooded to the rafters or came home to slabs. I simply do not want to deal with that kind of loss right now, but even more important is that our grandbaby is due next week!! I pray that Dean turns out into the ocean, dissipates and does no harm to noone.

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