Saturday, February 23, 2008

Low Carb Pizza DISASTER

Looks pretty good doesn't it? Well, I tell you this girl was excited when I ran across a thread over at Low Carb Friends bulletin board where a couple of folks had managed to take Dr. Atkins basic old 1972 Revolution Roll, revised with cream cheese, now famously known as Cleochatra's Best Ever RevolOopsie Rolls, and turn it into a bonafide PIZZA CRUST!! Yes, real, beautiful looking, lovely, wonderful, pizza crust! I was in pizza heaven. It didn't last long.

Now while Cleo's revision and subsequent oopsie to that revision of Dr. A's rolls using cream cheese are well, downright good ... don't get me wrong, I mean just have a gander at this lovely low carbed Like Wendy's OopsieBaconater for pete's sake, just one of many ways the Oopsie roll has debuted here recently. But, in my opinion the pizza, well mine anyway, was a total disaster. I don't get it? I mean just look at this!

It is just not fair I tell you. It is so just not fair! And yes, these are all my pictures. That I took. Of my pizza. And I do have to defend myself a bit. I do consider myself to be a good cook. Really. So, maybe I did something wrong, but I followed the recipe that was posted. Then again, maybe its just me. I AM a pizza purist. And I want a low carb pizza to taste and feel pretty darned close to the real thing. Tall order I know. This. Well, it was bad, bad, bad. Nothing against the authors of the recipe... hey, maybe their's turned out great. But mine, no. It was awful. As you see, it looked and believe me when I say it smelled absolutely beautiful but, it was, at least to my taste for pizza … bleech!!!

It tasted nothing like a pizza crust to me. It was also really soft and pliable like a giant Oopsie roll and didn't crisp up at all. Those pretty edges only look pretty and crispy - they were soft and fell right off. It was limp - I couldn't really hold it and had to kind of fold it to even taste it. But the taste. Nothing like pizza to me, and in fact, the "crust" just totally ruined the toppings for me. I really don’t think I did anything wrong, but guess I could’ve… dunno. The couple of people there who made that recipe seemed mighty pleased with theirs. Well, I would’ve much rather saved the toppings and made Linda Sue’s Deep Dish Pizza and used the eggs for regular old Revolution Rolls. Oh well…. I had to try it ya know? I mean just look at it!! The funniest thing is ... the doorbell rang when I was fixing it and there at the door (like a savior though I didn't know that yet) was who, but the PAPA JOHN'S man!!! He apparently came to the wrong house. Don't worry... I sent him away!

Oh, and not being one who exactly likes to give up, I actually DID try to salvage it. I thought maybe I could sandwich two pieces together and make a sort of pizza quesadilla to crisp it up in a skillet.

It only made it taste worse. Uggh. I thought I was gonna throw up. Again, no disrespect to the original developers of this recipe, it could be me. But for now, the elusive chase for a "real" pizza that is low carb, is still on. I am heartbroken.

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