Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take the Poll! When you Cook ... How do you Clean?

I love food bloggin’ … I really do!

What started off as me just wanting to document and share my recipes seems to have grown into a creative and expressive outlet for me because to be honest, I could literally spend my entire day in the kitchen cooking every day, I swear!

Course, I admit I don’t go much for the exotic or gourmet like "real" food bloggers out there - you know the serious ones who make money doin' this bloggin' business.  Not that I don't think other foodies like me aren't real - we certainly are!   Mostly for me it's just down home southern cookin’ and me documenting it for myself and for you.  It ain't no career track, ya know?

And since I’ve been out of work and I don’t have little ones running around my feet and callin’ for my undivided attention, I really do spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days.  As a result, it seems that no sooner do I get my kitchen all cleaned up, before I am back in there messin’ things up again!  Doh!!

Then there are those certain things that I will not put into the dishwasher.

Like my silicone spatulas, my good kitchen knives and steak knifes, my KitchenAid mixer bowl and attachments, the food processor bowl and blades, my measuring cups cuz I always seem to need them again right away, and even large pots that could go in there, but just take up too much room.  I hand wash all of those.

So ... I end up hand washing a lot of things, and, I often just go ahead and wash
everything that I've used, which means my hands are constantly in hot water!! (and dried and cracked but that’s a whole ‘nother story I suppose!)

So I got curious ... I wonder what everybody else does?

Do you hand wash dishes ever? If you do, would you just go ahead and wash everything else that you used? Or would you put it all in the dishwasher? 

Or maybe you find yourself somewhere in between? Hmmmm.....

Just for fun, answer that poll over in the sidebar and let’s see what the rest of the world does! 


  1. I'm like you, I wish all I had to do was cook. Truly. I just love creatin' and messin' with recipes and makin' them into my own. Too bad we don't have house cleaners, huh? This is a good post. I'm gonna check back and see how the poll comes out.

  2. No kidding! I remembered seeing your polls and I was thinking about this today - you know I have all these deep thoughts anymore LOL - because since I've been home seems I'm always in the kitchen, either messin' up or cleanin' up!!! So I thought I'd put this up to see if anybody responds just to see what other people do when they cook.

  3. It will be interesting to watch you poll. Thanks for doing it. I was at another blog that led me to this:

    Thought you might be interested ! !

  4. I love the new design of your blog. You must have a lot of free time to play with it.... wish I did, unfortunately I have to have my head in Quickbooks all day. UGH...
    Have fun blogging. I enjoy looking at your daily updates.


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