Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Critter Kids!

Thought that I would set up a separate page dedicated just to my Critter Kids!

Here's the newest addition. He was left in a box in a WalMart parking lot with a sign on it that said "take me." We didn't find him - a couple we knew did, but they were not able to keep him and they knew that we had recently lost one of our dogs, so we took him in. He was about 6 weeks old in this picture. We call him Boo-Boo. I tend to call my male cat Mr. Boo - I have absolutely no idea why - but I started calling the puppy Boo Bear and then Boo Boo and well, it just sort of stuck. I know.. I'm so original.

This is our yellow lab named Sally. I took her in when she was 2 from an attorney that I used to work with. His children were suffering badly from her shedding due to their allergies and she needed a home or else she might have had to go to the shelter.

This is my male cat Sunny Boy. He loves to snuggle at Hubs feet at night for some reason. If he gets cold like on those rare cold winter nights we get down here, he'll come and curl up right by my pillow and want me to snuggle up and hold him. If I kick back in the recliner and lay out, he'll be right up in my lap in a moment. Otherwise he's pretty darned independent and wants things HIS way. I called him Sunny because one beautiful sunny Sunday morning I opened the front door to go and get the paper to find him sitting on the porch right at the front door. He was so underweight and frail that when he opened his mouth to meow, nothing came out! He talks just fine now though. It was ironic that when he showed up, I had very recently lost another cat to old age - she was 20 years old - and I was deeply grieving her loss when along he came.

This is my female calico named Cali. I know. I'm so original. Well, one day when I had taken Hub's 4-wheel drive F150 to work - which I don't like to do because the dang thing is HUGE and I'm used to drivin' a Mustang for pete's sake! Anyway, it was one of those days where it was raining so bad that everything was flooding that I took the truck. When I got home from work, out from under my Mustang that was parked in the driveway came this scrawny, funky looking cryin' cat. She was so skinny that her head looked twice as big as the rest of her! She looks pretty good now. She showed up a couple of months behind Mr. Man up there did, so I figured that God thought that he needed a companion. They love each other but sometimes they fight. He wants to be the alpha cat.

That's all for now, but check back later for updates!



  1. All your 'kids' look sweet. Boo Boo is adorable!

  2. Awwwwwwwwww there's a special place in heaven for people who take in lost and unwanted furbabies. Bless your heart for caring!!! They're all beautiful :)

  3. Thanks ladies! That little pup is stealin' my heart for sure - even though he is wearing me out at the same time LOL!!


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