Friday, March 27, 2009

GIVEAWAY - $50 Garland & Home Fragrance Gift Set

Wow has it been stormin' down here in the deep south the past couple of days! I woke up very early to loud thunder at 2 a.m. and then again at 4 a.m. to this incredible but very scary lightening show. My husband managed to sleep through it all. Magee, Mississippi, a town just a couple hours north of me, sustained very heavy damage yesterday from an F3 tornado that actually made the national news. A 100 year old church was leveled and lots of homes totally destroyed. Lots of injuries but miraculously no deaths, a miracle because it struck literally in the middle of the night when everybody was asleep. Overnight even here along the Coast, there was damage and power outages. Hubs and I, fortunately made out okay! One more storm is headed our way before all of this clears out - hope that our luck holds out.

Anyway, on to business and the GIVEAWAY!!!

Some of you have probably noticed the pink and white leopard button on my blog that says "The Secret is in the Sauce." SITS, as it is referred to most often, is a comment support site. I remember when I first saw that on somebody's blog I wondered "what the heck does that even mean??" Well, go here (after you get in your comments for this giveaway of course) to check out SITS and find out!

Anyway, every day I check in at SITS on what they call "roll call" and then visit the featured blog they have listed, read and leave comments. I really enjoy seeing a variety of blogs, since my blog is primarily focused on food and household stuff. And gardening. And husbands. And annoying neighbors. And pets sometimes. But mostly food. Being a member of SITS gives me an opportunity to be a more well-rounded blogger {smile}.

Well, after visiting SITS for awhile I thought, there are literally hundreds of folks posting on this roll call every single day too. Why not start making it a practice of visiting the blog of the person who posts on roll call right ahead of me? I have met some great people doing this, found some awesome blogs I may not have otherwise, and even follow a few of them. Most of the time they are creative blogs - jewelry makers, lots of scrapbookers (who I am totally jealous of), knitting and sewing sites, photographers, and more. A lot of the time they are mommy blogs, sharing the insights of their pregnancies, life with toddlers and sometimes their life with 4 or 5 (and sometimes even more) children!

Today, Dina from Walking Within the Spiral posted just ahead of me.

Dina is married and a stay at home mom who is professionally trained in massage therapy, yoga and use of herbs and essential oils for health and spiritual use. Dina is a spiritual thinker, but before those of you who, like me, consider yourself a Christian go and run in the other direction, I hope that you, like me, believe there is room in the world for us all. It's all about loving one another!

Go here and read and leave a comment on Dina's 100th post - it's an interesting insight into what it was like growing up with parents who were well, real, live, bonafide hippies, and will help you see what an interesting woman that Dina has become and is.

Then comment here for an opportunity to win a great giveaway, valued at $50.00!! It's a Garland Gift Set from Calls Country Corner (link is on Dina's blog) that includes an orange spice fruit garland, plus a half pound bag of potpourri, a matching votive candle, a glass candle holder, a lamp ring, a garland wall hook, and a 1 oz bottle of scented refresher oil.

I checked out Call's Country Corner and saw this incredible French Market potpourri I just gotta have! Roses, gardenia, tuberose and iris - how can you go wrong with that fragrance! I love fragrance, to the point of near obsession, so this is right up my alley. The Antique Lace sounds interesting too though - jasmine, vanilla and musk! There's lots of other stuff there too so check it out after you visit Dina's blog to help her celebrate her 100th post!

So, what are ya waitin' for - go, comment, and WIN! Good luck!!


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