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GIVEAWAY! Baby & Toddler Bibs & Burp Cloths - THE WINNER!!


Congratulations to Krissa! You won the Bib Giveway. Please check your email and respond with a mailing address so that I can get these shipped out to you. Due to the Easter holiday these will not go out until early next week.

Everyone else, if you saw anything that you loved, please contact Shaylynn at Oxford Impressions to purchase.

Have a great Easter weekend everybody!!

I am so excited this week to be hosting a giveaway sponsored by Oxford Impressions, one of my favorite bloggers!

Besides sharing her daily life as a mom to two adult children and one gorgeous Bichon pooch, Shaylynn also has some pretty creative scrapbooking pages posted and some yummy recipes, but on top of that, she also sews! One of her sewing projects are these precious baby bibs and burp cloths and toddler bibs. She even makes a miniature version of the burp cloths for little girls to use with their baby dolls! {And be on the lookout in the future for baby quilts too.}

But, today, we are talking about these beautiful burp cloths and bibs!

Shaylynn started making the burp cloths about 12 years ago but has kept at it because of their popularity. She uses a wide variety of fabric and nice ribbons and recently added bibs to her inventory which quickly branched out into toddler sizes. Let's face it, most bibs on the market are just not made for toddlers - but Shaylynn's are more realistic.

Each are about 14-inches long, so they are long enough to tuck under the tray of a highchair, or to cover their entire shirt if you have a toddler on the move. They are perfect for toddlers just learning to feed themselves.

We are giving away one infant bib with a matching burp cloth and one toddler bib with a matching burb cloth, all to one lucky winner!

This is the infant bib with a matching burp cloth. Isn't that the cutest pattern? But don't worry, she has loads more.

This is the infant bib, which closes with a velcro closure for a secure fit and quick removal.

The bibs are lined underneath.

This is the toddler bib with a matching burb cloth.

The toddler bibs are longer in length and have snap closures.

And are also lined underneath.

All are nicely stitched to prevent fraying.

And each burp cloth has a pretty ribbon stitched on it.

Aren't they just precious?

To be eligible to win BOTH of these beautiful sets featured here, all you need to do is go here and look over the selection of bibs and burp cloths Shaylynn has featured. And while you're there, why not consider grabbing up a couple for gifts? What a great gift for those upcoming baby showers!

Select the one that is your favorite, and then come back here and post a comment about it. She hasn't named them, so just a general description of the one you like best is fine.

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The Rules

1. Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only please.

2. A winner and an alternate winner (in case the winner fails to claim their prize) will be selected by a random draw.

3. Winner will be notified by email so all entries must either have an obvious email contact link on their blogger profile page or must leave an email contact in each comment entry. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or it will be awarded to the alternate.

4. This giveaway closes on Friday, April 10th at 8:00 p.m. CST. Winner will be contacted by email and also announced on my blog by Saturday.

5. Winner must claim their prize within 48 hours of this closing time or the prize will be awarded to the alternate number drawn.

Good Luck!!!


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  2. These bibs are so cute! I love the cowboy burb cloth and bib. They'd be perfect for my two little boys.

  3. And I started following you! I love your blog.

  4. These are really adorable. I like the monkeys and the cowboys the best. Great for my little grandson.

    I'm already a subscriber.

  5. Great Giveaway...thanks for stopping by my place...I too try to hit the 5 bloggers above me each day...and have run across some fab you....wink wink....loving your place too...and the enchilada recipe...I had to snag that one...

  6. I think they are all cute. Any of the girl ones would work great for me!

  7. Mary all of the bibs are beautiful. I left a comment on her site. To Cute!!! If i had to choose the monkey ones and the cowboys are my favorite. I am subscribed to My New 30 of course. Great Giveaway.

  8. I LOVE the daisy one in the first picture. I'm a sucker for daisies.

    I may have to make my own with leftover fabrics if I don't win! :)

  9. And I started following you! :) Yeah for extra entries!

  10. I Love the cowboys bib and burpcloth! It would be so cute on my little boy!

  11. I have also subscribed by email to follow your blog. Bonus entries! Thanks!

  12. Sorry! Forgot to leave an email...

  13. Ive got a 4yr old, a 2yr old, and one on the way so these bibs would be PERFECT! I like the brown and blue flowered one, but they are all cute as can be!

  14. Im now a follower! (I came here from Southern Plate, btw)

  15. I love the dinosaur print. My toddler is obsessed with dinosaurs right now! I also like the pears and apples print. So cute!

  16. I also started following your blog so mark me down for my bonus enrties! I actually found your blog when I googled "How to raised vegetable beds" and I am finding all sorts of recipes I want to try out! Thanks!

  17. These are so cute. I love the bug print or the dragonflies with butterflies.

    jeanne s.

  18. Aww. These are cute. Love the fact she offers longer bibs for toddlers.

    I'm LOVING the cowboy prints. My lil guy turned 6 months recently so we are having fun tryin out all the babyfoods. I use a bib or two a day. So I'd love to add to my collection.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. I'm now following you.

    I'm diggin' all the recipes. I'm a recipe collector. :)

  20. GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!! Check back soon for the winner.


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