Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Website Helps to Zap Tension

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My "old" job as a paralegal was high stress and tension filled. I think I used every non-pharmaceutical relaxation aid known to man {and still use many of them} at night just to wind down; warm soaks in an essential oil enhanced bath, essential oil lavender drops on my pillow, lavender body spray, lavender body lotion {Johnson's Bedtime, the kind for babies is awesome and who says an adult can't use it too}, calcium/magnesium supplements at night, melatonin, valerian, meditation, guided imagery and relaxation tapes and food even - a potato, turkey breast or herbal teas before bedtime. If it's out there, I've probably used it as some point in my life!

Now my life still has some stress - hey, I'm married, need I say more?! And, while my son is an adult now, with his own family, I'm still a mom and that whole in-law/out-law thing with remarriages, ex's and "others" is a whole 'nother dynamic that can at times drum up stressful moments. Plus, I have animals - including the new kitten that found his way in my life recently and a puppy too. But I admit, it's not as bad as it was when law was the center of my life.

Still, it was cool when I happened to run across this website where you can mix your own custom blend of soothing sounds, for free no less: take some music like rhythmic drums, a flute, or my favorite "vibes," then mix that with a crackling fire, crickets, rain or sounds of the ocean {that's always been a favorite of mine - think Destin, Florida, condo on the beach, beachfront view and a cracked patio door at bedtime, oh yeah...never slept better!} and more.

I'm thinking this would be great to hook up some headphones and take 5 minutes during lunch to close your eyes and plug in and unplug before getting back to the grind. Or especially at night, to take a little down time right before bed.

They also have some premixed downloads available if you'd like to purchase one to upload to your iPod. Or click over here and check out the free downloadable sleep music.

Be sure to check out Sound Sleeping and let the tension melt away! After listening to all this, I admit {yawn} I'm ready for a nap!


  1. I think it is so neat the stuff you can find on the WWW...hey, thanks for the link sugar! ;D

  2. It sounds great! Going there now... and thanks :)

  3. THANK YOU for putting up those links, I am going to go over there...gosh, my son needs the sleep music BAD...I could use the relaxation music myself...LOL...

  4. Hey Mary,

    What a great website! I also was going to email you about Hillbilly Woman.....where did she go?????

    Happy Weekend, Joyce

  5. Hi Mary, I'm all about this kind of thing....the sounds are relaxing.. going back there now...
    just wanted to let you know....I
    took a look....

  6. Love this info. thanks for sharing.

  7. You know what sounds good to me, the sound of rain or the ocean. It just makes you relax even thinking about it! Thanks Mary!

  8. thanks for the info! I would be interested in hearing stories about the other things you have tried. I am always looking for anxiety/stress relievers!!
    have a great day!

  9. Isn't that a cool site y'all??

    Bunny, I hear ya! When we get a condo on the beach in Florida, I love to crack the patio door and go to sleep to the sound of the waves. And then, in the morning the seagulls come 'round to call ya awake. It's so relaxing!!

    Thanks so much Teena! I didn't even realize it but guess that means I've been officially bloggin a year now! The Blog Anniversary is a bit of a misnomer really though, it's the date I revived my old blog, but before it became mostly a food blog! So, when is my anniversary really LOL???!! Thanks again - that's sweet that you noticed.


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