Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thriller Halloween Light Show

Photo Credit: Glorify Zombie Shop

Okay, this was so cool - I had to pass it on! Wish I had the monetary resources to do that at my house! Enjoy.


  1. visiting here from SITs! Cool. just extending the hand of SITSahood to ya! Cool wild video. thanks for sharing!

  2. VERY cool!!! Love the song, the video, and this house!! Now, THEY'VE got the spirit of Halloween FUN! Every year I see more people doing more, bigger, and better decorations and setups for Halloween night.. It is SO-ooo much fun for the trick or treaters!.. Well, lets be honest.. for us kids at heart too! (0; ~tina

  3. Now that is cool, I have seen homes decked out for Christmas but never for Halloween!

  4. That's the first time I've seen that sort of "show" done for Halloween! I like that light-up spiderweb.

  5. Wasn't that just the coolest y'all??! I would LOVE to be able to do this at my house - what fun!

  6. That was awesome...I sent it to my facebook and told my friends that I just seen this on your blog...

  7. I love MJ and love Thriller! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
    - Cougs


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