Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Henry Field's Nursery - $1 Flat Shipping!!

FANTASTIC Spring Shipping
Special at Henry Field's!

Spring is FINALLY officially around the corner y'all! Yay!! Don't know about you, but I am ready to see some flowers, instead of all this gray, dull deadness that surrounds me now.

What a fantastic offer this is from Henry Field's Nursery. Looking for shrubs, seed starter, vegetable seeds, flower bulbs, tomato seeds, apple trees, garlic, perennial plants, onion sets, tulip bulbs, fruit trees, seed catalogs, seed starting kits, daylillies, strawberry plants or other plants? Go check out Henry Field's!

Get $1.00 Flat Shipping
On Your Order! 
HURRY!! Expires March 12, 2010.

Click here to shop Henry Field's and 
add some color to your life!
Claim your cheap $1.00 shipping now! Woohoo!!

By the way, I don't earn a penny off of these links - I just thought it was a great deal to pass on!



  1. I am ready to see those colorful flowers too. Come on Spring!!!

  2. Ha ha, my first thought was "I bet Mary is qualifying for 10-cent shipping by mentioning this!!!" and then I was SHAMED to find you're just being your sweet self...I cannot believe that $1 shipping. Amazing!!!

  3. Me too Christy!

    Holly I wish - you rascal! ;) While I do have affiliate links and thanks to those who click on them to support my cookbook addiction by the way, a lot of what I pass on is just simply because I think it's a great deal!

  4. I have nominated you for the Attitude and Gratitude Award! To accept follow the rules and share the love.


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