Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late Winter Pre-Spring is Springing!

Flowers in bud

I think this is an evergreen type of bridal wreath

A potted plant that was gifted to me last year coming back. I kept it covered during the freezes - not sure what it is though!

Hoping for some lemons this year - I've had a bee hanging around so fingers are crossed!

This deciduous Bridal Wreath Spirea has leafed out the past two weeks and will be blooming soon

Azaleas are ready to spring to life

More Azaleas waking up

Volunteers I pulled from the compost pile - most are probably bell peppers

More volunteers from the compost pile - you never know what you'll get!

Some lilies peeping out a bit here and there

Hydrangeas coming to life

Even the fig tree is coming out of its winter nap

Just a little peek of things to come (hopefully)!

Last year because of The Hatefuls and their excessive leaf burning (and my sensitivity to the chemicals burning leaves put out for days), I wasn't able to even be out in my own yard, much less to spend any of the early spring (or late winter pre-spring) outside in the garden.  I lost so many plants to the summer heat because I couldn't give them a healthy start in the spring, but I am hopeful and praying for a peaceful spring this year.


  1. Spring is definitely here. My lime basil is up and running, picked a bunch already. Too bad summer heat will come and all too soon for me!

  2. Ain't that the truth! The pollen is awful right now and my sinuses are suffering. Another one of my neighbors was burning today so I walked down with a mask on, handed him a print out from the EPA on the dangers in burning leaves and asked him to please reconsider burning. This is twice for him already. I'm waiting for The Hatefuls to see what they do about their leaves this year and whether I have to file a lawsuit to stop them. Last year was so intentionally malicious!!

  3. Ya'll are so lucky to live where you do when it comes to spring is about 3 week away from being where yours is now. I judge my happiness factor for spring time by the time when I view my first turtle in my yard. Yesterday we (the grands and I) were out looking to see what was happening and we saw an air hole.....instead of the ground hog we look for the air hole of a turtle. Yaya.

    Your yard plants look great. I read your Hatefuls post from last year....that's a shame that they burn like that. Here in the desert, we know that fire is a very dangerous four letter word. Our fire season has already begun and we have already had a huge fire down by the river. Scary and awful for health.

    Be that as it may.....happy almost spring dear lady. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  4. I love this blog! I am doing raised beds for the first time this year and got a lot of great information. Also great info on fertilizing. I will be going back through and reading older posts. Thanks!

  5. You're welcome Scraphappy! It's pretty basic info (I am FAR from being any kind of expert) but glad to help!


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