Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pet Deodorizing Carpet Blend

I've been using essential oils for years in my bath and around the house, and one thing I love is making my own carpet sprinkle using plain baking soda and a variety of essential oils.  While I've never really factored out the cost elements of homemade versus commercial, I do know that it's a more natural alternative to commercial carpet sprinkles, plus you can get a much wider range of scents by using your own oils.

I've previously posted some of my more commonly used and favorite blends but I needed to come up with one that would help to deodorize the carpet thanks to my lovely felines. The litter box that they share is located in the corner of a spare room that I call the "office," where the desk, desktop computer and bookshelves live ... even though I work mostly from a laptop in the family room most of the time these days.

It doesn't seem to matter how often I scoop the cat box or how much I vacumn, with three indoor cats hanging around they are bound to track some of the litter out across the floor. If you happen to have a sensitive sniffer like I do, well... frankly sometimes there's just a troublesome lingering odor that seems it must cling tight to every single fiber in the carpet in there, even if I am the only one who seems to notice!

For this task, I was more concerned with disinfecting and deodorizing over fragrance, so I chose oils strictly on those properties.  To keep everything in one place and to avoid duplicating text, click over to my Aromatherapy Around the House Carpet Sprinkle Recipe Page to get this new refreshing blend. Enjoy!


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