Friday, June 17, 2011

Now. Where is that Cabana Boy?

I think we need some umbrella drinks! 
Miss Lucy has been spending so much time in the "pool" because of this heat, I'm thinking I just need to break down and install some sort of real pond for her. She has hung around here a couple of years now so I think she's earned it.

In the meantime, I stuck one of my beach umbrellas over the tray that is her pool, to give her a bit of shade in the heat of the day. While she's in there, I've also been running a hose in the tray on a trickle, so that the water flows and stays cool.

Somebody to weed the garden would be nice too.
Even if it is low rent, I still think she's got it made, don't you?



  1. Low rent or not, Ms. Lucy is one very spoiled turtle, or do ya'll call them terrapin? We do a similar low rent set up for our turtles cuz it's too dang hot and dry around here.
    Happy Daddy's Day weekend.

  2. Hey Linda! Thanks for being so good about commenting. You must be my only reader these days LOL!! Don't know much about the species or anything so I just call her a box turtle. Yeah, I think she likes me a little bit. :)

  3. There's nothing low rent about it! My mother-in-law has a tub of water for her dogs in the summertime. I have resisted that because I don't want wet dogs coming in my house, but it's getting so hot I might have to give in.

  4. Hey Lisa - good to see you!! Yeah, it's been horribly hot down here and we're in a 20 inch rain deficit on top of that, so it's pretty miserable and this is only June!! If I had outside dogs I'd have to get one of those hard side kiddie pools for sure. My only dog is a spoiled "insider."

  5. Awww how cute that she came back :) You're a good mama Mary! It's a great little pool for her, bet she loves it.

  6. Thanks Kim! Yeah, she's been hanging around here a few years. I guess she likes me. :) Good to see ya gal - looking good!!


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