Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reviving the Home Base

Oh my gracious, it's been awhile I guess! Life happens. Did ya miss me? Are you even there anymore??

Of course 99.9% of it is that Deep South Dish took off like a rocket since I launched it, and for that I am both humble and grateful, but let me tell you, authoring a Southern recipe site, developing and writing your own recipes and not just adapting the recipes of others, is a LOT of work. Well, unless you're one of these bloggers who pretty much just takes recipes and ideas from people like me, says your mama made them and post them on your blog as your own. Yeah, there are quite of few of them out there that do that believe it or not, and many of them I guess you could say are "famous." Fame will do that. In this adventure of blogging food I have learned there are a lot of folks who are seeking fame and attention in this and have forgotten their manners and morals in the process.

I'll stick with character and a little less fame thank you very much.

Anyway... lots of other things have been going on in my life too. A cancer scare. Three surgeries. We moved. Really lots to talk about, so I thought since we are somewhat settled in our new home, that I'd revive my home here at My New 30, which frankly is where all of my blogging began, to begin with. It certainly deserves more respect than it's had, regardless of how busy I've gotten!

I don't know that everything will have photos because finding and/or creating photos to include has been what has hampered me from just being free spirited and writing here when these random thoughts run through my head and really need to escape through my fingertips. You will probably find me a bit more bold, and well... bitchy too. That seems to have come along as I am approaching the age of 60. Oh I still have a filter, but I'm more apt to voice my opinion on the annoyances that life has, and the bizarre and crazy things I see and experience. Think Maxine, but more passive-aggressive.

For those reasons stated above, I think I'll be starting some of my new banter and hissy fits, with a new series called "Bloggers Behaving Badly" so I can let off some steam about the things that I see in this blogging world that annoy and aggravate me and yes, there are quite a few. No names or finger pointing of course, just generalities that you might be able to find some humor in.

I suppose I'll have to talk about the things that happen with us women in our late 50s, post-menopause, like that bitchiness aforementioned, hair that grows where it shouldn't be and falls away from where it should be. How my skin has transitioned from it's once smooth, clear and beautiful state to this blotchy, flaky mess that it is now. Oh yeah, and the products I use to counter that, plus since I love buying things from Amazon, I'll still share some favorite products that I use around the house and in my life. I do love to shop!

Frankly there's really no telling what might show up here in the future. Enjoy the ride.


  1. Glad to see you're back. Can't wait for more.

    1. Well... soon as I posted this, bam. Life got more crazy!! But thanks for your sweet welcome back!

  2. I always enjoy your writing since I often relate to many things you talk about...I began my own menopausal rollercoaster ride this summer and watching my complexion suddenly do odd things can make me feel grumpy in the morning!

    1. Oh my gosh, don't I know it. Why, why, why must we gals go through this mess!!


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