Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It Was One of "Those" Days

Today was just one of those days where you wish that you had just stayed in bed. (In all fairness I suppose I ought to warn you that this here is one of those southern style hissy fits, so ya might just wanna skip over this post)

I got an early start to get groceries before this bad weather settled in on us, but to be honest, I'm still not feeling well so I came on home and asked hubs if he would consider running the other two errands to get Christmas stamps at the post office and then stop to pick up some bird and squirrel food. While he was gone, the dog suddenly up-chucked on the carpet with no warning, so I sent her outside to clean up the mess and when I opened the door to let her back in, I found her rolling around in the dirt. Did I mention that I had just bathed her? So, back to the tub we go.

After wondering what was taking hubs so long, he finally shows up and is home nearly an hour before he suddenly blurts out "I got in a wreck." And it was his fault. And then there's the matter of a $500 deductible. Right before Christmas. And of course, my own guilt because it was me who sent him out on that trip because I didn't feel good and if I had done my own errand this would not have happened. And the worse thing was that I had actually already ordered the stamps online, forgot and only remembered after he had already left. Course I kept that little tidbit to myself.

So then while I'm stewing in my anger, I hear today on tv that Oprah was mad at herself or was it embarrassed? Or maybe she was mad AND embarrassed. Anyway, she's unhappy that she put back on a lot of weight and is now over 200 pounds again. Well, big DUH. I'm pretty sure that everybody has known this for awhile Oprah. I mean they've been doing the Photoshop job on her magazine covers for months and don't you tell me they haven't. Just how stupid do they think we are?

She has mentioned before that she recently discovered she has thyroid issues, but she has also mentioned that she eats when she is stressed, so she's also an emotional eater. Like I am. Well, at least she finally came clean.

Then, ironically, I'm flipping through my magazines so I can put them in the recycle bin - I mean the day was in the tank anyway so I sure wasn't gonna do anything worthwhile. So I see a blurb in one of them that says $2.5 billion dollars is Oprah's estimated worth - that's $2.5 BILLION.
BILLION. And that Oprah recently told Black Enterprise magazine, "I don't care about money." Well, slap me silly, cuz I guess it's pretty easy to say "I don't care about money" when you are worth $2.5 billion dollars. Give me a break.

I mean this woman owns a number of gorgeous retreats, um, I mean homes, that she can just jet off to and take extended vacations anytime she wants to slap on some reruns and go de-stress and unwind. Besides the penthouse condo she has in Chicago, I'm pretty sure she has a New York apartment, and her main abode is still a $50 million dollar, 23,000 square foot, oceanfront estate on 42 acres in California she calls "the promised land." She once owned a 164 acre ranch/farm in Indiana but it was on the market for $8.5 million so she might have sold that one by now, and she most recently purchased who knows how many oceanfront acres in Maui on which sits yet another elegant multi-million dollar home.

She owns a $1.52 million home in Tennessee, which she bought for her father, a Milwaukee lakefront condo she purchased in 2002 for $448,900, a suburban Milwaukee condo her mother uses, which Winfrey bought in 1998 for $399,000, a suburban Chicago house she bought in 2001 for $240,000, another house in northwest Indiana, other properties in Tennessee. I'd be willing to bet she's got some overseas European interests too. Feel sorry for her yet?

I realize some of these are for family members, but I mean just how many homes and how much square footage does a single woman and her live-in need?

All I know, is that if I was her, I'd be fat AND happy. And I certainly would not apologize for it.

Which, getting back to that weight thing, just goes to show you, that's a lot of money. Much more money than any one human being would ever possibly really need. Yet, Oprah ate her weight back up in the over 200+ range again - just like some of us normal and poor women do. So, I guess apparently money really
doesn't make you happy.

I think I could be pretty darned happy with much much less, oh I dunno... say just $1 measly million? Nope, here I am angry over a stupid accident, an unexpected $500 deductible, at Christmas, and surely a premium increase to follow soon after. Or maybe I'm just cynical today in my itty bitty 1500 square foot cramped house in suburbia surrounded by sometimes annoying neighbors who are just too close really. Oh there are days where I literally crave just a handful of acres.

I had canned chili for lunch today and leftover red beans for dinner.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow...



  1. Boy! You really did have a bad day. I know, I really feel bad for Oprah too. NOT! I've always wondered about people who are rich bein' over weight. I mean with their kind of money why don't they just buy yummy healthy food. Food we poor people can't afford. I've always thought if I were rich it would be a lot easier to diet. Ha, I'm probably just deludin' myself. But come on, she can have a chef to prepare good diet food for her.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I read a funny thing on 'Life on an Island', Make mine a Cafe-Mocha-Vodka-Valium-Latte. How funny is that?

  2. Yeah really. Oprah HAS all of those luxuries, but since she's an emotional eater my guess is that she easily waves off the diet gurus and the personal trainers and the chefs so that she could just eat whatever she wanted. And what are they gonna do? Tell her no?? I think not! That's one of the problems with people who have a boatload of money. Those around you stop being "honest" and cater to whatever your wants are at the moment. That's why celebrities lose touch with reality if you ask me. Besides, with Oprah, her southern roots are showing because she clearly prefers the high fat, flavorFUL foods over low fat stuff and the good stuff well, that'll pack on the pounds unfortunately (as I well know).

    I saw that latte thing too ... funny!


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