Monday, December 8, 2008

Sally & the Ham Bone

Sally enjoying the ham bone after it has served it's purpose.



  1. She sure looks like she's enjoyin' that bone. Dare ya to try to take it away from her. I double dog dare ya! hee hee

  2. Actually this one is a pretty docile dog, thankfully! I actually did have to move it several times to make sure that she kept it on the newspaper and not on the carpet. Guess she trusts that I won't go off with it. Now the other black lab (who sadly passed away recently - I know I haven't mentioned it but I've been too sad), she wouldn't growl at ya or anything, but she'd likely snatch your fingers off trying to get away with it if you looked like you were gonna touch it!

  3. Mary, I am so sorry. I understand, it's easier to not talk about. So sorry.


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