Monday, August 3, 2009

Changes - They're a Comin'!! But There's a Giveaway to Ease the Pain - CLOSED

Have y'all missed me?? Course I've been busy with the new grandbaby, but I've also been up to somethin' else.

I know we all hate change. Okay, most of us hate change. We get into our comfort zones where we feel just right and cozy and it's hard when somebody rocks the boat. Well... I'm gonna rock the boat... but, just a little bit!

When I started my blog originally, it was at a time when I had just hit the big 5-0 and I wanted a place to document my life after 50 and the things that happen when a person crossed that threshold. And, as some of you who have also made this transition have probably learned, our metabolism goes haywire about the same time that our hormones do, so one of the things I wanted to do was document my dieting efforts. That was prompted by a paralegal conference I was attending in Tampa that I wanted to turn into a family vacation, and drop a few pounds beforehand.

So I started posting my efforts at low carb dieting. I know, don't laugh. I ended up using the blog to list my menus and track my eating and exercise and that sort of thing. It wasn't even a public blog back in those days - just my own private little diary so to speak. Then I joined an online low carb diet forum and my blog "diary" pretty much went dormant.

When my efforts at low carbing failed miserably - well, let me backtrack. Yes, I lost weight doing low carb and very quickly in the beginning. In my opinion, if you're looking to only drop a few pounds, then restricting your carbs and avoiding certain foods like the whites (sugar & white flour being the primary two) is one way to do it pretty quick, and I did lose, but then I struggled for nearly a year to lose any more! My body needed more balance. And carbs. So I switched to Weight Watchers. But, then...

This was about the time that I found and fell in love with food blogs. And, like a lot of foodies, I decided a blog would be a great place to keep my favorite recipes and any new ones that I tried and liked. But, then...

After awhile, I noticed there were not very many southern food blogs and I thought what a great way to put up the good old South Mississippi recipes that I've grown up with not only where I can easily find them, but where I can share them with family, friends and other folks. And so, the food quickly took over My New 30.

Well, it's time to give the My New 30 recipes a home of their own! Several months ago I picked and settled on a new blog to be called Deep South Dish. Well, I am finally getting around to transferring the recipes over there. The transition will take some time, and there are liable to be some quirks along the way, so I hope that you'll bear with me. It'll be a little while before I change all of the links and move the recipes off of My New 30, so they'll still be here too for a bit.

Now... My New 30 will still be around, but moving the recipes off to their own place will give me the freedom to use My New 30 the way I originally intended it - as a place to express the changes in my life that come from crossing that threshold of 50, while all along your mind still feels like you're only 30. I'll also have more freedom to be a bit more opinionated about things on My New 30 once the focus shifts.

If you'd like to keep up with the recipes you've become accustomed to seeing here on My New 30, please pop on over to Deep South Dish and sign up for the feed, grab an email subscription, or become a Follower so all the updates will show up in your Blogger Dashboard. All of the new recipes will be showing up at Deep South Dish in the future and the old ones from My New 30 will eventually make their way over there too. I hope you'll forgive me as I make this transition. It's my hope that making these changes will make it easier for you to find your favorite recipes in the long run.

And, since I'm practically making you work to help me transition, I'm hosting my very first Deep South Dish giveaway. I really think you'll like it, so go check it out!!


  1. How exciting for you (and us!) to check it out now :D

  2. I am excited about your new up coming changes!

  3. congrats on your new blog! and good luck with everything! (it already looks so nice!)

  4. This is what I should have done with Pig Lickin' Cookin'...I could still resurect it, but I've got more than I can say grace over now with the new blog...LOL!

    Looking forward to your insight and opinions and creativities and garden wisdom....just all of it wrapped up in a bow and her name is Mary!!♥♥♥

  5. Hi Mary. . . yes, blogs morph the way they are supposed to. I guess that's why my original blog on my little life on an acreage, including a strong spiritual focus, led me to a focus on food and photos of life only. I have 3 other blogs!!! each with a different focus.

    My blog is being transformed as we speak and so I can totally relate! I will certainly get over to your new blog and do all of the signing up and I hope that I don't lose you either in the process. Roz

  6. Thanks y'all! It was really just a matter of separating out all this other banter from the cooking part. Make sure you enter for the cookbook giveaway! And you can tweet multiple times for extra entries too. I'd sure love to see one of my regular readers win!!

    I know Tammy, I may have taken on more than I can "chew" bwwaaahhhhaaahhhaa - ain't I just clever??! :)

    Roz, I'll have to pop over and see what you are up to now!


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