Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New 30 is Taking a Short Hiatus - But We'll be Back Soon!

My New 30 will be putting out a Back Soon Shingle to take a short hiatus for a bit so that I can focus on first, spending time with my brand new grandbaby and second, so that I can finish getting all those links over at Deep South Dish working properly! Be sure to pop over to Deep South Dish if you want to continue receiving recipe post updates on your feed, in your email or by Twitter!

If you come here one day and get redirected to Deep South Dish, don't fret. It's only temporary.

Once I've got the recipes all settled over at Deep South Dish, I'll be back to posting the "other" stuff y'all have grown accustomed to seeing right here at My New 30, so I hope you'll stick around!

In the meantime, see y'all over at Deep South Dish!


  1. Enjoy your grandbaby and see you back soon. Looking forward to reading Deep South Dish too. Sheila in NC

  2. 'll be here when your return. Enjoy the little one :-).

  3. Take your time with that grand gal...they grow up in a blink of your eye!

  4. Have fun with your grandbaby and be sure to spoil her good!

  5. New grandbaby = total fun and excitement!!!

    Looking forward to both of your bloggies...


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