Friday, February 5, 2010


Taking some time away from blogging to enjoy this Super Bowl weekend.

Things have been just crazy down here with the Who Dat Nation y'all.  The entire coast is decked out in black and gold. People are painting their houses black and gold, their cars, painting the Saints fleur-de-lis on their lawns and in their foyers, and half the population is already in Miami - some even without tickets who are just there for the residual parties. For those of us left behind, there have been tailgate parties going all day long today at businesses all over the coast, and those will surely carry on in homes tonight, and all day and night tomorrow until Sunday. The Cajun is a nervous wreck!  If the Saints don't win this, it sure will not be for lack of momentum from the fans. It's the craziest thing I have ever seen. 

Win or lose, the fans here have and will always love their Saints, and the Manning family, we love y'all too, but Archie I know that you and your boys know this has been long overdue for the Saints, so we gotta root for them to win.

No matter who you're rooting for, have a great time and enjoy the game!

Need some Super Bowl party recipes? Click here.

Wanna make it a Cajun Mardi Gras themed Super Bowl?  Click here.

See y'all Monday (hopefully with a win).



  1. being a very loyal Hoosier girl, born and bred, I have to cheer for my Colts...but regardless the outcome this is gonna be a GREAT game!

  2. Hey Lora, I totally get that. We actually do have a few Colt fans down here too - though they are few. I told my husband to just RELAX and that his anxiety is not going to affect the game one way or another LOL!!

    Just because it's their first SB, and the fan-atics are wild with enthusiasm, I'd love to see the Saints pull it off - mostly I just hope that it IS a good game, no matter who wins in the end!

  3. Mary! Let's use black-and-gold stick on "gems" in a certain area to show our Saint's pride!!!

    tee hee....just kidding...

    And I remember the meanies who called our boys "The Ain'ts" - WHO DAT WHO DAT WHO DAT???!!!

  4. Go Saints! I hope they win! For New Orleans sake!


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