Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Enjoy...

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I have started so many posts lately that haven't seen the light of day. I have a thought, sit down and at least start it so that I don't lose my thought, and then I never get back to the post to finish it. I don't know why I can't seem to just let my thoughts and my fingers fly and be free for pete's sake. Perfectionist tendencies are so restricting. I guess I've grown more thoughtful and reserved as I've gotten older, cuz I sure didn't ever have any problems expressing myself straight from the hip back in the day, that's for sure. Course, I guess I was probably a bit more abrasive then too.

Since I can't seem to finish a thought here at My New 30 lately, Faith comes to my rescue with a new Monday feature that she's hosting called ... What is it that you Enjoy Day. There are many things I enjoy that I don't think about that often. These are just the first four that came to my mind.  Of course me, not being one to keep things simple, I'm sure I'm off base with what Faith's intention was but right or wrong here is what it is that I enjoy...

Being in the Kitchen.  Until Hurricane Katrina blew away my "real job" and I started blogging, I didn't really realize how much I loved the whole process of cooking - especially with recipe development.  I've always enjoyed cooking, don't get me wrong, but when you have a full time career in the legal field (can you say stress?!) and a 1 hour commute each way every. single. day. cooking becomes focused on quick, easy, convenience products and fast food most of the time and it's real easy to get away from real food and scratch cooking with fresh ingredients. It's been such a pleasure to get back in touch with food again and the whole process of creating a recipe - rather than simply adapting somebody else's - is so rewarding to me.  (which is why I get so #%$& angry when somebody lifts one of my recipes)

My critters. The domesticated and the wild ones. My male cat Sunny (the gray and white one) who pokes his cold nose & whiskers in my face every night so he can curl up in the crook of my elbow, and I snuggle him close to me, damn the allergies. My female cat Cali (the, well, Calico on the right) who is so temperamental and cracks me up how stealth she is in her movements. Even this loud mouthed kitten (the all gray one) that wandered here last year.  My pup in that sweet, innocent way that he looks at me and wags his tail when I do nothing but smile at him. My yard turtles. My frogs and lizards. My butterflies and dragonflies. The raccoon that shows up at my back door, looking for a scrap of bread. He hadn't shown up at the back door for a couple of days and I found myself worrying over him. When I saw him there last night, I felt the joy rise up in me. It feels kinda good to be this connected with nature.
 Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  They are all natural, preservative free, gluten free, utterly crunchtastic and absolutely addictive.

The Housewives of ... Whatever.  Hey. Don't judge. I don't have too many bad habits lately so it's become my guilty pleasure. Though I had heard bits and pieces about these Housewives reality shows, I didn't know what any of them were about. Until last summer when I ran across old re-runs.  It started with Housewives of New Jersey, then New York City, then Bethany's Getting Married. Next thing you know I'm Tivo'ing Orange County, Beverly Hills and Atlanta too. And I'm hooked. I am happy to say there isn't much drama in my life these days, so I can live vicariously through theirs and still be drama free myself.



  1. It's Perfect Mary....your getting back to the basics...recognizing what is that makes you happy and gives you joy....I enjoyed reading about some things which give you joy...embracing that which give you simple abundance.

  2. Nice post Mary. Looks like the fingers are working again or at least for this one ;) I know what you mean about expressing ones self back in the day. I had a rep for saying it like it is. I still do but with a bit more thought, no... a lot more thought. Have a great week!

  3. how's everything Mary..Did you get any business from the storm of the century? Hope all is well....what do you enjoy posted on Monday..the linky is gone and I don't know where it went...but feel free to play along if you have a moment.


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