Saturday, October 25, 2008


My husband doesn't know this yet, but he bought me a Kindle Wireless Reading Device for Christmas this year. Isn't it so sleek and sexy?

It's really much more than I wanted to spend, but I've been eyeing it for awhile now and then Oprah featured it on her show yesterday with a $50 discount so I gave it another look. I saw that the number of books, newspapers and magazines that are available have increased substantially since it's introduction and so I decided what the heck and bit the bullet. Or I should say Santa did!

I'm already a major book junkie and I have a audio club membership on top of that, so I know it'll get used. With Kindle I can still listen to those audios, but even without an extra memory card, Kindle will let you carry as many as 200 books, newspapers and or magazines with you all at one time!! You can download a new selection wirelessly in about a minute - and there is no charge for the wireless service either - it is included in the price! Oh, and you know how when you run across a word in a book and it has you stumped to the point that you can't really focus or enjoy the rest of the story until you figure out what that word means exactly? Okay ... maybe that's just me, but anyway, just a quick highlight, a click and bam, Kindle looks it up for you!! While you're reading - right there, on the device! No kidding!! Wow. This is so much more than just a book reader - I'm so glad I waited for it. Plus think of all the trees you'll be saving!! I'm sold on it and I am so excited! Can you tell?

The hardest part of it will be trying to leave it alone until Christmas. Oh, oh... I can't wait to subscribe to some real newspapers - the The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times come to mind!!

If you think you might want to add a Kindle to your Santa list too, click on the link and grab one for yourself - and don't forget your discount too! Enter OPRAHWINFREY in the Promo Code box at checkout, but hurry ... the $50 discount is only good through November 1st!! While you're there, grab a memory card and you can carry as many as 4,000 books with you at one time. Now how awesome is that?

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