Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clever Coca-Cola Marketing

"Um, what are these?" She asks as she unloads the groceries hubs picked up on his way home.

"Cokes," hubs says.

"Well, I can see that.  And we bought these because ..."

"I don't know.  I thought they were neat."

"Hmmmm ... and, just how much did these neat little things set us back?"

"Oh, only $1.00 each."

"Really?  Only $1.00 huh?  Is that all?"  She rolls her eyes and holds her tongue while thinking to herself "for $1 more you coulda got a whole 12-pack."  The secret to a happy marriage - zippin' the ole lip sometimes.  And well, it is almost Christmas afterall.

Yep.  He's a dream consumer.  Oh well... I guess in reality it's no worse than the occasional vending machine coke really.

And they are kinda cute, aren't they?


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