Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leftovers Night

Tonight ... leftovers! And, we have at least a single serving or more of each of these to choose from:

Beef Stroganoff and some peas, or

Meatloaf and some peas, or

Southern Style Country Steak and a serving of mashed potatoes, or

Spaghetti & Meatballs, which I threw together one evening using my typical basic sauce such as I used in this recipe (minus the shrimp, Cajun seasoning and switched the red bell pepper to some green bell pepper) and then I added some premade meatballs, courtesy of my Angel Food Ministries box, or

One broccoli stuffed and breaded chicken breast also courtesy of one of my Angel Food Ministries boxes. Course hubby ain't gonna touch that broccoli with a 10 foot pole! (least not on purpose)

Not a bad menu, eh? But there's always sandwiches too if none of that appeals to the hubs. And, me thinks this is enough to get through Sunday and heck, possibly even part of Monday too to get the fridge cleaned and all the leftovers eaten.   With the economy the way it is, and money tight, sounds like a plan to me!

Click here for some recipe ideas using Angel Food Ministries ingredients!


  1. Hi Mary, I read your comment over on the Southern Plate. I like your blog, I think your blog looks very professional. I just started a blog and I am having a lot of trouble, I think partly because I'm very computer illiterate. But it is a lot of fun. I too am a new 30. Hope to read more of your site. Keep up the good blog.

  2. Oh, thank you so much! That was very sweet to say. I'm new to bloggins too but it is fun and besides, it is much more interesting than housework or decluttering ... both of which I have been pretty slack with here lately. I popped over to your blog and I think it's great! Those kid's kitchen terms are hilarious, your pictures are really beautiful and your recipes look yummy. I'm eyeing that pinto bean recipe for sure! I look forward to more of your recipes & I've already subscribed to your feed to keep up with you. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your sweet comments.



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