Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel - 4 Stars

Unpaid product review/endorsement

Okay. I am not a great housekeeper. Heck, until my Hurricane Katrina induced unemployment, I’ve always been a career woman! When that happened, I had been in the workforce 33 years. So housework hasn’t ever been one of my stronger assets if ya know what I mean. And, you’d think that with all the time I’ve had being a forced homemaker that I’d do a much better job at making a home. Um… not so much. I just dislike housework in general, and I have cats, so I tend to have constant dust and then there’s that constant clutter I create everywhere that I go. And I’ve become terrifically inept to procrastination without all those legal deadlines to worry over anymore.

Anyhoo... this never seemed to be a problem when I was a single gal, but if you have one or more of the male persuasion around your house, the toilet bowl probably never seems to stay fresh long unless you scrub it constantly and who wants to do that?! Cleaning toilet bowls is one of those household tasks that I especially dislike. Ewwww is all I can say. So when I heard about this new toilet cleaning gel product by Scrubbing Bubbles that just stamps on the inside of the toilet bowl, I was curious and excited about the prospect of maybe never having to clean that white porcelain dumper again. Well, not so fast.

While this product may not totally eliminate the need to scrub, it will likely make the bowl a bit easier to clean if you replace it as directed. And it does a pretty darned good job of keeping the bowl smelling nice and clean. For me that is a plus. As some reviews have noted on the Amazon site, when you stamp it on, you will experience a fairly strong scent each time that you walk into the bathroom, but it is not at all unpleasant to me. Now personally, I prefer to keep the toilet seats down in my house since I have pets and don’t want them drinking from the toilet, so if you keep your seat up all the time, I suppose it could be pretty strong. I rather like the scent - both the Citrus Action and the Fresh Clean scents provide a nice, clean smell, though I prefer the citrus. And, for me, honestly it’s pleasant to walk into a bathroom that always has a fresh smell, even if you haven’t hit it with a hard scrub down in awhile – but then we’re talking about somebody who is apparently obsessed with odor based on the number of Air Wick plug ins and auto sprayers and Glade plug ins scattered around my house.

The device is sort of like a plunger with a button you depress, and 6 holes that it clicks down into each time you release a stamp. You hold the button while gently pressing the stamp onto the toilet bowl and hopefully only one disc will come out. I have pressed down too hard before and ended up releasing 2 discs. I’ve also forgotten to take off the cap before too.

The plunger is fitted with enough cleaner to release 6 stamp-on discs and you should change them out weekly, whether or not the previous disc has dissolved or not. If you do this at regular weekly intervals, scrubbing in the residue from the previous disc, flush and change the disc, it does a pretty good job of keeping the bowl clean too. If you wait until the disc dissolves away before you replace it, you are probably going to end up with a ring to scrub by the time you change the disc. I paid $3.94 at WalMart for the one I purchased, not exactly cheap, but if it makes the task of cleaning that thing a little better, worth every dime. Keep your eye open for coupons to ease the pinch.


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