Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tater Cakes! - Mashed Potato Patties

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  1. Oh, I bet those are so good. I think my favorite potato recipe is for mashed potatoes. I always make those when my stomach is acting up--they are my most favorite comfort food. I'll try those next time I have leftovers. Thanks for the idea. Sheila

  2. 91 degrees there, we're lucky to break 65 around here!! I love potato cakes, you just gave me an idea for dinner tomorrow! Thanks!!

  3. We were "promised" thunderstorms by the meteorologists, but NOTHIN'...not a drop...

    I love those Tater Cakes. I might put some tuna in there and serve them for lunch!!!

  4. We do this with lefover mashed potatoes but I haven't tried with with Panko crumbs before. I'll have to try that.

  5. Those look so good! My tater cakes never look like that. You use a lot more seasoning than me too. I will have to try adding the cajun seasoning next time.

  6. mmmm...that's worth making the casserole, to have leftovers to make make the Tater Cakes!
    Darn desert... I could water in the morning, it could rain all night and if I stuck my finger in the plant, it would still be dry. :~) But I'm trying.
    Thanks for your comments about the babies!!

  7. Debbie I'm trying too but this whole gardening thing is so confusing to me. I topped my garden off with some of the Lowe's Jungle Growth Water Wise soil which Hubs accidentally picked up instead of the other JG I was using, and it seems to be helping to retain water a little better now. It's been so humid here. I also thought that my pepper plants were drooping from drying up, only to discover that it was probably just stress from all those dang aphids that were on them, so I was OVERwatering the darned things and then they had leaf and buds drop off from being overwatered. Then I burned them by accidentally using Dawn for the soap spray instead of the other lemon generic stuff! Then yesterday I saw a squash borer after my beautiful squash plants!!! It's like as soon as something is nice and healthy and pretty, bam, the bugs attack! I swatted at it and hit it with my flip flop and didn't see it again, but I have a feeling that where there is one, there is more. If all this doesn't make you feel better I don't know what will LOL!

  8. Looks so yummy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!

  9. Thanks Mimi and Selba! Appreciate your visit!!


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