Friday, June 12, 2009

Flower Gardening - Fertilizer Friday!

Just a quick fly-by for Fertilizer Friday! Not really much to show this week, but I wanted to participate. I think I need to plant more stuff, don't you??? ;)

If you're here looking for food, don't miss the pot roast I posted today, and I also posted some yummy salads last night too!

Garden Diary - June 12, 2009

One of my hosta finally made an appearance. I have no idea where the others are planted now! Why do people further north than me have HUGE hostas already? Is it the heat here???

One of the hydrangeas in the front yard bed is finally flowering.

The Gerbera Daisy is blooming again.

The bleeding hearts are finally showing their full blooms too. I just love these flowers.

Nothing new here, but this is one of my favorite beds.

The daylilies are still going.
The chrysanthemums are starting to bud and bloom. I should have gotten an earlier shot before the open bud started deteriorating, but hey... it's been HOT! I have these scattered all over the place in the yard - they come back faithfully every year.

I just love begonias, don't you?

That's about it for this week! Happy Weekend!!


  1. Beautiful garden. I love the bleeding hearts too... so dainty!

  2. I've never seen bleeding heart like your plant very beautiful! Warm wishes, Esther

  3. Thanks Karen!

    Esther, I know - my MIL gave that to me. I "think" that it's a form of bleeding heart vine?? Isn't it pretty?

  4. That sure is an unusual variety of bleeding heart - very pretty. It's funny to hear someone from your zone complain about a plant like the Hostas, when I sit and drool over all of your pretty blooms and buds. ~ Robyn

  5. Robyn, it is unusual isn't it? But gorgeous. Most of the ones I see aren't this dramatic. Clerodendrum thomsoniae - sometimes called a Glory Bower. I need to relocate it since this bed is more shade than anything now.

    LOL, not complaining so much as not understanding how an area that gets snow several times a winter can possibly have huge hostas when mine are just now re-surfacing??

  6. I LOVE that daisy!!! your garden is just lovely already! I can't wait till I can show more than the odd single bloom....ugly is the word for my yard has been bad cold weather here!

  7. Such beautiful flowers. I'm esp. jealous about your hydrangeas, which are very difficult to grow here. My hostas are poking along ... I bought 4 new ones a few weeks ago that I still need to get around to planting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  8. I think your garden looks very pretty. I think I've heard of bleeding heart vine, but never seen one. What pretty flowers.
    Your blog made me so hungry with all your recipes and pictures! The watermelon margarita sounds delicious! I just saw a recipe for tequila soaked watermelon, both sound good on a hot summer day!

  9. Such an interesting bleeding heart. I've never seen one with that color combination. I love the picture of the gerber daisy too! -Jackie

  10. Your flowers are so pretty. It's a gray morning here and they're helping to lift my spirits.

  11. Tootsie, there is NO WAY your garden is ugly!

    Jacki, I've had some challenges with the hydrangeas here too since it's so hot. They generally like more sun down here to bloom nicely, but down here it's a fine line between too much and too little!

    Catherine & Jackie, google Bleeding Heart Glorybower Clerodenrum and you'll see more. I'm not sure where my MIL got it, she had two and I talked about how pretty it was one day so she gave me one of them! That's how she is.

    Hi Mary .... awwww. Well it's not much, but it's all I got!

    Sending some sunshine your way! Last week we had rain, but not a drop this whole week. The humidity has been so high & heat index right at 100 degrees that I've had to water some of my larger containers every single day! That's crazy!!

  12. Lots of delicious food and beautiful flowers. Great combo. Interesting articles too.

  13. HGB, thanks. This started out as a "what I'm doing now that I turned 50" blog, but as you see it sort of evolved into a food blog.

    Thanks Jessica! It's holding it's own right now with this heat but starting to get a bit frazzled. I really think that Fertilizer Fridays are helping to keep it going. By now I probably would have just given up and let it go because it is already too hot!


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