Monday, June 15, 2009

Junkin' - My Thrift Store Find

After Joyce over at the Just Joycee blog recently mentioned on her blog about going by her local thrift store, I decided I was going to go and check my own store out. It had been years since I'd been there, but I was hoping that it would be a better experience than recently when another blogger inspired me to go and visit my local library for the first time in years.

You see, I have a book addiction. It's bad. It's not any one book, but cookbooks - I have hundreds of them - novels and gardening and household and travel and inspirational and career, and legal, and self-help, and do it yourself, and Bible study, and Christian living and, well, you name it, I have thousands of 'em, yes thousands.

But it doesn't stop there. I have a Kindle,a low tech device made for reading ebooks that you can stick in your purse and literally carry hundreds of book right with you. Love it!

And... I've been a long time member of Audible for years on top of that, so I can upload audio books to one of several mp3 players I also own and listen to books when I'm working out in the yard, or walking on the treadmill - which I manage to do occasionally, but not nearly enough these days.

Yep. I am in serious need of a 12-step program.

Anyway, I was out on errands near the library, and was so excited about what I might find after not having been there in so long. I got out of the car all full of anticipation and giddiness and walked to the curb, only to see a big sign posted out front "CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS." Well, I laughed out loud so loud that I startled someone who was coming out of the police department next door! The first time in, I don't know... maybe 8-10 years, I decide to go to the library, and it just so happened to be closed that particular week. Go figure, huh? That was a couple months ago, and I haven't managed to make my way back there again...

So, anyway... one afternoon when The Hubs and I went out for lunch we stopped by our local America's Thrift Store. Mostly I wanted to look for any odds and end dish treasures that I could use for the blog. I was so thrilled to find these!

Aren't they the cutest? I thought that they were perfect for summertime and yes, you've already seen them make an appearance a time or three! There wasn't a speck of dust on them, and no chips or damage, so I'm sure they were newly acquired and I must've gone at just the right time, because the day that I went they were 70% off of the marked price! They also had a set of pastel dinnerware that I thought would be great plates for summer photos, but I decided to wait them out for another mark down day, and the next time I went, they were gone.

It came with 3 soup bowls - so I guess the watermelon bowl was missing. Each had a different motif on the inside - blueberries {above} and corn ...

and another with tomatoes.

Then there are 4 different salad plates. I just fell in love with these!

And 4 dinner plates with a red and white checkerboard pattern border.

Oh, the cups! I almost forgot the cups!

Aren't they just so southern and just pinch your cheeks cutie pie sweet??!!

Now they aren't fancy dishes - just good old Home Trends in a pattern called Farm Fresh - but out of curiosity, I checked online at Replacements, Ltd., and the dinner plates sell there for $13.99, while the salad plates and the cereal/soup bowls go for $9.99. I got them for ... tadaaaa..... only $3 - for the whole set!

Is that just not mad??! At $3.00 for the set, I think I found a great thrifty deal! Isn't that exciting!! Yippee!


  1. I love, love, love, those dishes. They are so cute!! What a steal at the thrift store! Whoo Hoo!

  2. I know! Isn't that cool when you find something like this? I think I remembered seeing these in Walmart at some point in the past and thought that were neat - course they weren't $3 either!

  3. Awesome finds! Turns out me and my daughter are thrift store whores - we got at least once a week!

    Best finds: a three piece Ann Taylor suit (jacket, skirt, pants) $9.99 - and I've bought 3 coach purses at Goodwill and sold them online at eBay for a profit!

    You just never know what you'll find.

    Turns out we also brake for garage sales too! :D

  4. Well lucky you! I am always either a day late or a dollar short. They are darling.

  5. Mary,

    Just love the dishes, and at that price you did very well. Things go fast, sorry you didn't get the dishes. You know when you see something you like (especially in a thrift store) you might better go one and get it. My house and my mom's house is full of thrift store finds and people are so surprised when you tell them you got it for $3 at the thrift store. It's just a wonderful thing. My mom and it hit the thrift stores at least twice a month. I just love the dishes and would have bought them myself. You go girl!!!!!

  6. Oh, and btw, thanks for mentioning me on the post. You are the best!!!!


  7. Biz... Now THAT is incredible! I'm a newbie to this whole thing. I always donated but never shopped, but I gotta say, they were BUSY! Garage sales are great too, but require too early of a start for me LOL!!

    Bev, me too! I just happened to be in the right place at the right time this time - for a change!

    Well Joyce you DID inspire me to at least go!

  8. Mary, I think we might be twins separated at birth. I have that many books too. Do you like the Kindle? I don't want to like it, but I think I might (does that make sense?) And after one year, I have finally figured out my Mp3 player...but have yet to download a book. I might have to do that for the plane ride back to Connecticut.
    Thrift store finds are the best!

  9. Love the dishes. I sure wish our thrift stores had good finds--maybe I just get there at the wrong time. I think I am going to try a few in Greensboro the next time I am down there--I get up to Danville VA pretty regularly too--maybe I'll hit those too. You would think I could get a good deal at one of those places. Sheila in NC

  10. What a great find. Your dihes are really wonderful.Happy hunting!

  11. Debbie, I LOVE my Kindle! It's ideal for traveling because you can take several books with you. It's easy to carry, so it goes out the door with me and if I get in a situation where I am having to wait it sure beats years old magazines in a waiting room.

    Sheila, I really think it is a matter of going at the right times but I'm like you - not sure when that would be. Like I'll bet a Tuesday or Wednesday morning is a good time because I'd think that maybe they'd have stuff that was donated over the weekend ready by then?? I should ask the manager about that.

    Thanks Mary! I hope I get some good finds the next time I go too!

  12. You were definitely in the right time at the right place...these dishes are so cool! I love thrift stores, yard sales, teasure never know what you could uncover!!

  13. Only $3???? Some people have all the luck! What cheerful dishes and what a great buy!

  14. I know! $3 isn't that too cool??!! I am one of those people who rarely finds "bargains" like that, so I was real happy and quite surprised to find these!

  15. Those are the cutest dishes! I love going to thrift stores - you can find such bargains. Last time I was there I found a set of four etched wine glasses... 35 cents each! Yay!

  16. Super cute dishes! I'm going to vote for you now!

  17. Karen, wow, that WAS a bargain!

    Thanks so much Krista!!


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