Friday, October 2, 2009

We Judgmental Humans and What's Been Cookin'

I haven't had much compelling to say this week over here it seems.  Well, that is not entirely true.

There are lots of things on my mind throughout the day and some clever thoughts that pass through this old brain of mine, but I seem to forget what they are by the time that I sit down to the computer. 

And there are certainly things that are going on politically in this country that are making me crazy and certainly fodder for bloggy discussions... but... there is one thing I have learned about blogging. Unless you have a blog that is specific to politics or religion, it's probably best to avoid getting into heated or passionate discussion about either topic, because one thing is guaranteed.

You will lose readers.

Someone who may have liked you just fine and enjoyed reading your posts, will leave as soon as you express an opinion on either that happens to not agree with the opinion they hold.  Funny how someone can suddenly not like you. Just. Like. That.

It's not right.  But it happens.  We can be a judgmental lot, us humans.

And those of us {yes, I said US} who consider ourselves to be imperfect Christians can frankly be the worse.  {I can feel a few of you dropping off just at that one comment.}

For instance ... while I don't advocate drinking to excess, and certainly not to the level of addiction, I do not see a thing wrong with having a glass of wine or a cocktail every once in awhile. Yet, whenever I post my occasional "Weekend Cocktail" series, it is a given that I will immediately see a few subscriptions drop off. Guess it could just be a coincidence that they will have email addys like

I mean Jesus hung out with prostitutes and the "scum of the earth," so can you imagine how many unfollows he would have gotten on his blog?  I'm just sayin'...

Likewise if I express a political view in any way, shape or form, same thing happens.  And sometimes, I don't even have to write one single word. People will judge you by who you follow and who follows you. Or who you recommend on Twitter for Follow Friday.

It's not nice, but it's natural. We generally want to "hang out" with like-minded people.  And unfortunately, though I try hard to love everybody the best I can and sort of "agree to disagree" on certain things while still having the ability to like you at the same time, I can still have difficulties with this myself.

If I run across someone who has a very strong and outspoken viewpoint politically or religiously opposed from me - I can tend to want stray away from them.  It really depends on how "in your face" they are and whether they are abrasive, demeaning or confrontational with their views. Or especially if they are mean to others or to me. Or even, how passionately I may feel about that particular topic.

So, I understand.

And ... generally speaking, you will not hear me discuss either politics or religion here at this blog beyond perhaps some basic precepts of both.

Really, my mind has been more on my favorite subject anyway - food.

Cooler temps, though temporary, have me thinking of fall dishes - casseroles, soups, dishes made with apples, and other stick to your ribs, heart-warming comforting foodie things to cook & post over at Deep South Dish.  If you didn't realize my recipes have moved, you can go here to subscribe to receive all of the recipes directly by RSS feed in your reader or by email.

Here's what's been cooking over there lately, in case you've missed it. 

If ya like, you can catch up with what you missed in August here, and in September here.

Wishing cooler temperatures for everybody - have a fantastic weekend y'all!!


  1. Yes, I agree...we are a judgemental lot. I quit following someone that was very abrasive and after that just quit following everyone. I just needed that freedom to read where I want to, when I want to. If I had my way the Follower Gadget would disappear back where it came from!

    I understand where you are coming pass me a fuzzy navel and we'll discuss it, with one foot on a banana peel and the other hanging over the pit of hell....

  2. I'd like to give you an E5 award for this post. You are so right about people being so judgemental. I've told my friends face to face that I purposely steer converstions away from politics and religion.

    You can obtain the link to the award on my blog sidebar. Have a great weekend. TTYL

  3. hey. I have to tell you that I could not have said it better myself! I think our own opinions make us interesting and who cares if I don't follow the same politics or religion...that wasn't why I liked you in the first place...
    I am not even that into food...I eat to stay alive...and HATE to cook....but I like you because you are a kind and decent honest and just all around nice person!
    I ask you for help...and you didn't lie to me to further your blog over don't treat the follower lists as competitions...and you certainly don't ask me to promote your blog and not even follow mine!!!
    yea...I like you just the way you are and I appreciate that you took the time to write this post for us all to see!
    there.....I'm done ranting ...venting and now I'm going to bath my dog!
    have a great weekend...

  4. Hi Mary.. Love this post. I agree about the politics/religion thing.. I am also an advocate of live and let live.. not to judge others,, lifes too short..and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no need to ever trash another. No purpose.

    Have a great weekend. You have a wonderful writing voice.

  5. I don't go to bloggies where the people are mean. I tuck my spoon under my arm and run away to play somewhere nicer!

    I don't care if someone has a different opinion than mine. I haven't ever found anyone with my relgion or my political views! But I do care if they are nasty towards others. That's why I stop going to their bloggies. I've seen that "dropping off" phenomenon -- I lose folks when I post Halloween graphics. Too bad, so sad!

  6. Interesting post Mary!!!
    I would never unfollow you!
    I love coming here with all your interesting topics and delicious food ideas. :)

  7. I'm hanging with you Mary.....the extremes are not good in either direction...I'd like to think I am somewhere down the middle...tolerance might be the key word for the day...

    Have a wonderful w/e


  8. Those bacon and tomato cups? Look delicious!

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog when I was SITS featured blogger!

  9. hay hay,

    thanx for visiting my blog and taking the time to view the Melon, well if it is a melon,LOL, whose to say? I look forward to checking out a fellow Mississippians blog,,,

    Totally agree with you on politics, its a shame we can't agree to disagree more!!

    I especially look forward to checking out your book reviews!

    as to cooking, i do like to experiment, but i like RECIPES with 5 ingredients or less, LOL, THIS summer I went nuts over different versions of Tomato gravy!! NOW that HAS to be Sourthern, so any tips?

    the best is yet to come!!

  10. This is so true. I try to avoid poitics entirely. And I was nervous when I started my every-so-often weekend wine reviews, but it seems to have not run off too many.

  11. We have a "no talking politics" rule at our house because it always ends up in a fight. I don't know how you feel about blog awards, but I gave you one. Stop by and check it out if you like. I obviously love your blogs!

  12. We all just need to be adults and agree to disagree. For Heaven's sake... that's what makes us all interesting... We should be unique... I sure as heck don't want everyone to be me!!! I have a few friends that have totally different religious and political belief's than I do.. but we love getting together to craft and have fun... We've just agreed not to talk about certain things...

  13. Good post. I can't not talk about religion/politics because it is who I am. I've been silenced so mamy time by friends and family in my red state that I have to have an outlet. I found you looking for a banana pudding recipe and I stayed for many reasons, but then I can hold two competing thoughts in my head at once:) Say what you need to say!

  14. Excellent post!

    Interesting, in my bible study we were just discussing the fact that Jesus spent much time with prostitutes and other "unfavorables" rather than the leaders of the church. Why wouldn't he?! Christ recognized a need. And He's the one that turned those jugs of water into wine at the wedding. He wanted that party to go on. lol.

    I'm with you. I'm very polictically opinionated, yet I leave such discussion out of my blog. It's about food after all, but also, I don't want to deal with the fall out.

    It's certainly more comfortable to surround myself with like minded people, however, 80% of my closest friends are liberal, dare I say, "far left" and I confess (with no shame) to being a moderate conservative. But hey, they've been my friends for years and when we met, I didn't interview them on their political views, I loved them for the people that they are.

    Like Donna said, I subscribe to the "Live and let live" view on life. That doesn't mean I don't get riled about the issues, but I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. That's the beauty of freedom!

    Alright, I better wrap this up before I need to start a post of my own. Just wanted to say how much I agree, enjoy reading your blogs, and appreciate you. : )

  15. "I mean Jesus hung out with prostitutes and the "scum of the earth," so can you imagine how many unfollows he would have gotten on his blog? I'm just sayin'..."

    i absolutely love you... too funny... i love to see things from other peoples perspective...

    off to get the chicken recipe.. i am so hungry...

  16. I'm with you here. Although I do post whatever I want on my blog. Guess I don't pay attention to who's following... I do my blog for me. And Thank God Jesus loves a sinner!!

  17. SitSing back at ya!

    I hate to agree, but aren't we just the most judgmental, despite the old adage, judge not,lest ye be judged. I guess anyone is willing to throw the stone, but God forbid they get a stone tossed back at them.

    I have nothing wrong with people having different opinions than me, and am usually up for hearing different viewpoints, its when people get nasty or pushy about them that I go running.

  18. Hello! Thanks for coming by from SITS!

    I have to say, I completely agree with you. It's a terrible thing that people are so focused that ONE post could remove them from ever reading again.

    I am not one of those people!

    Have a great day :) and keep up with such a positive, generous outlook.

  19. May I pour you a turtle martini in my kitchen that has a beautiful cross in it...oh, but you may have to move that Obama button on the counter...

    Believe me...I hear you!

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!


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