Thursday, September 24, 2009

menoPAUSE or How Come I Can't Remember Squat?

I went into the office in my house today three times. To do something. Something that by the time that I got there, I had no idea what it was. Three times I walked into that room and just stood there not knowing why I was there.

Funny thing is, by the time I did manage to remember what I had been going in there for, I realized that it was to get a piece of scrap paper - or in my case, an envelope saved from junk mail that I use as scrap paper - and a marker, so that I could leave that note right up there on my glass storm door to remind me to do that on Saturday.

In other words, I kept forgetting to do something that was supposed to remind me to do something else. And I had to do it while I was thinking about it - 3 days early.

It's bad enough to be a woman with all of the clutter our minds have to contend with already. We always have about 100 things going through our minds at one time don't we, so of course it's hard to keep it all straight, right? I know I can blame at least some of my own personal mind clutter on that.

But from somebody who has always been a major multi-tasker, able to handle a whole slew of unrelated tasks all at the same time, someone who used to be able to cite a client file number strictly from memory, someone who never missed a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, somebody who was able to keep a long to-do list in my head without having to write anything down, why does my mind now seem to have abandoned me, uninterested in keeping track of such things?

Now, I stand with a remote in my hand, positioned in front of the television, but wondering what it was I was going to do.  Look for a show to record? Check the Tivo list? See what time something came on?

Or pick up the laptop to do something, get distracted with Twitter, or an email, or a post I was working on and then just stare at the keyboard, having completely forgotten what it was I originally intended to do.

Or walk to a room on a deliberate mission 3 times, and forget why.

Is it just because at any given time there are still a hundred things going through my mind? And there just isn't enough room left in my 52 year old memory bank to keep it all up there in an organized manner anymore?

Or is menopause just really that cruel?

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  1. Yep it's really that cruel! Like you, I'm not on unless I have five things going. Now, I have to stop and think hard in the midst of multitasking. Never the case a few years ago! There have been occasions where I have been accused of intentionally forgetting. That's how bad and ridiculous my memory is.

  2. Awwwwwwww everybody has bad days! But just in case... keep postit's and pens everywhere in the house so you can have something to write on always at hand.
    Thanks for stopping by aq couple of days ago!
    Happy Friday!

    *fellow SITSta here

  3. I can so relate--what is really bad is driving down the road and not remembering where you are going or why---or have you already been there and are on your way home?!!? I'm not in menopause just yet but if my memory is like this now do I have a hope of survival?

  4. I went through menopause surgically so early -- and I really do think it knocked my poor brain power down (from a dim bulb down to a little flickering flame, lol). Used to have a lovely memory.

    See? Wanted to add something about another facet of your post...what was it...hmmm....

  5. oh you make me feel so much better...I just posted on this subject this am on my blog too! I'm glad I'm not the only one loosing it! Have a great weekend!

  6. It's pitiful isn't it. Take comfort in the fact you are not alone :-). Have a great day.

  7. I do this too! I remember things like bdays and what not but I have moments where I walk right TO something and forget my intentions.
    Like today I kept walking to the fridge and the counter but forgot why! LOL Simple stuff-give the baby a cup of milk, get another spoon because he dropped his.

  8. Ugh! I am struggling with this very thing and it's driving me crazy. And I'm not even in menopause yet. I'm afraid for my future. YIKES!

  9. I didn't realize it was menoPAUSE that caused me to lose my brain cells but it sure that makes. I have to keep post-its and pens everywhere anymore and it brings me great comfort to know I'm not alone -- but very very sorry others are experiencing it too -- mixed feelings there.

    My dad always said, "Chin up, Chest out and Conquer the world." Obviously he'd not been through menoPAUSE!

  10. Hi! Well, I hate to say it, but YES, I think Menopause is THAT CRUEL! On a brighter note, an award awaits you on my most recent post. You may do with it what you will, but I just wanted you to know my appreciation for your blogs, and what a pleasure it is getting to know you! ~tina

  11. Yes, it really is that cruel, but at least you know you aren't alone because I have the memory of a gnat!

  12. We love the Angel Food Program and it has been really helpful in this economy to us and many other families we know. Stopping by from SITS

  13. Yeah, it's that cruel. The other night as I was drying myself off after a shower, I couldn't remember if I'd washed my hair or not.

  14. It's not really any consolation to any of us, but at least y'all are making me feel, well... somewhat NORMAL! I know that "they" meaning doctors don't really know or understand why this happens and say there isn't much if anything that can be done about it. I might need to look into this further, for all of our sakes!!

  15. ooooh I hate when that happens..and like you I just stand there, going over in my mind what it was. Sometimes, mostimes I remember but not all the
    comes to some point. I don't
    like it, but it could be worse. I may not remember who people I love are..or my own name. It's ok. be kind to yourself Mary...Now those
    pesky hot flashes...ARGH!

  16. I truly had an idea for this comment but by the time the window opened, my mind blanked! I can relate to your post!

    Oh, I remembered....I also have balanced and juggled a multitude of tasks. When I complained about forgetting "what was what", my friend told me it was just that the slots were all full and I needed to let go of something to remember something new!

  17. I hear you! I'm in my mid-40s and experience many of those forgetful moments. I don't know what I'd do without my planner book!

  18. Great article! My wife and I have been researching extensively on what to do with her menopause symptoms. She has seen great benefit in the bioidentical hormone therapy treatment and I would like to share a website that has helped teach us more,

  19. Really enjoying your blog. I have been trying to get to the root of my own forgetfulness. I really think that is stress-related, meaning that if I take care of de-stressing, I can give my mind a chance to remember things once in a while!!! Here is a good article from Women to Women about "fuzzy thinking" -- explains the hormonal reasons why menopause may be interfering: “Am I losing my mind?” —
    What you can do about fuzzy thinking

    -- JT


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