Friday, August 20, 2010

Stop the VLOGs Already!

Knock. Knock. Is this thing on?

Okay.  First it was just a few of y'all.  Now more and more of y'all are starting to do these video logs on your blogs.  TOO many more. So stop it already would ya?

A blog is a web log. A WEB LOG. Blog. A journal, if you will. Of writing. On a website where users reflect, share opinions, bitch and moan, and discuss and comment - in writing. Nobody ever said anything about videos.

If y'all keep doing that, it means that I will eventually probably have to and frankly I don't WANT to.

You see, the thing that appealed to me about starting a blog really - and eventually creating a part time business of it - is that not only do I have a very short commute, but I also do not have to 1) get dressed (meaning shorts & a t-shirt or sweats and slippers are just fine, not nakedness. Clean up your minds people), or 2) do my hair or 3) put on make-up to blog. Nobody cares what I look like, or about the xx pounds I've gained from food blogging and not exercising. Nobody.

Now some of y'all bloggers are just ruining it for the rest of us by making up video blogs and puttin' them up on your regular blogs - and even FOOD blogs for pete's sake.  If I want to watch a food video I will turn on Food Network, okay?

Besides. I don't even OWN a video camera, and frankly, I don't really want to go out and buy one.  And then, I guess I'd need a camera man too. Seriously y'all. Do you really think The Cajun is gonna go for that?

So stop it already. Geez, criminey.



  1. Crimeny...I love it I say that too...too funny. Some blogs have too much, it is visual/sound overload.. It is a pesonal thing I guess, and I do have the choice to not visit..too techy for me...I try to keep things more simple.

  2. What I don't like is that the bar is getting higher and higher, in terms of time and money, to be able to keep up in blogging. It's getting annoying. You're right, now a person will have to have a video camera in order to attract anyone to a blog? The written word once again usurped by the Look-See-Picture Do The Talking For Me mindset!!!

  3. What blogs are you reading?? I haven't seen any videos. Or am I not paying attention, which is highly possible.

  4. Love your quote, it's not the age it's the attitude!

    I don't tend to watch the video's, I prefer communication; though also find I don't tend to read lots of blogs that have no pictures and the page looks boring without pictures and doesn't attract me.

    But a blog that has nothing but video seems lazy to me. A video that goes with what they're talking about....ok maybe?

    Traveling Suitcase

  5. I agree. If I wanted to watch a video I'd sit in front of my TV. I don't think we'll do videos any time soon either. Much to busy on a food blog.

  6. This was kinda tongue in cheek sarcasm to be honest, but yeah, I see several bloggers turning to video, and I'm here to say I ain't gonna put on makeup and do my hair and buy a video camera just so I can vlog. First off, I know a LOT of people view blogs from work. It's just a fact. And while it's easy to sneak in a peek and read some during short breaks, how are they getting away with listening to videos at their desk when they are supposed to be working?? Just sayin'... I may cave in one day and do a vlog here and there, who knows. I have been known to change my mind about things...

    Me too Faith!

    Exactly Holly!

    LOL Pam, there are a few - if you haven't seen them, I'm sure it won't be long till you start running across them. :)

    So true Sandy! And there are a few bloggers who do exclusively vlogs. I don't gravitate toward those at all. While I realize I can get "wordy" and many people don't want to read all that, that's my personality and I guess I'm not likely to change that!

    I hear ya Cyndy - same here. It takes enough time for all the research, recipe development, prep, photography, uploading pictures, typing, adding in watermarks, editing, and then commenting and visiting other blogs. Now I'm supposed to add a video element too with the additional time investment in putting on makeup, getting dressed in "street" clothes and doing my hair???


  7. lol. i'm the same way...although i can see myself eventually giving in :)

  8. Yeah Lora, unfortunately we'll probably be FORCED into it. So not right!! Grrr... such is life though I guess. I've just never been all that fond of a camera to begin with and now VIDEO??? Geez.

  9. I don't think I have any time left to V-Log! Just starting to get the hang of blogging; plus trying to maintain 3 jewelry sites, Facebook, Twitter, email and several other "social networking" sites pertaining to my jewelry businesses; I work 22.5 hours a week in an office and watch my 4 yr. old granddaughter at least on day a week! Whew!! Now that I've put all that in writing it looks like I really am busy - LOL.

    Just found both your blogs and love them both! I'm following!

    Hugs - Cathy


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